Monday, 11 August 2014

Cheap Way to Buy Benefit Best Sellers

I've been lusting after some Benefit best selling products for a while but have been reluctant to pay the inflated Australian prices. Thus I did a bit of internet research to come up with what I believe is the cheapest way for Australian beauty lovers to buy genuine Benefit cosmetics.

I found that the official US website has a "Best of Benefit" special offer to buy a Benefit makeup kit that you customise yourself with the products of your choice.

For $79US you can choose one complexion product, one cheek product, and one eye product from a choice of 6 - 9 of Benefit's best selling products in each of these three categories.

In addition, you get a free cute makeup bag, which is always handy, and the choice of a free gift, either an ultra plush lip gloss in the colour of your choice or an ultra shine lip gloss. Also included are two free samples.

After much deliberation, here's what I chose:

Complexion:  POREfessional

Cheeks:          Rockateur 

Eyes:               Fakeup hydrating crease control concealer

Freebie:          Hydra Smooth Lip Colour

Samples:        Triple Performing Facial Emulsion
                         POREfessional packette

Postage to Australia is very reasonable at $13.95US. If you spend more than $125US international  postage is free.

My order took exactly 2 weeks to arrive. The products were in perfect condition and I saved heaps by buying direct from the US rather than paying much higher Australian prices for these Benefit best sellers. So if you are wanting to buy any Benefit best sellers this is the cheapest option I found.

Here's the breakdown on my invoice of what I paid for each of my items. Remember this is in US dollars but with our current strong exchange rate I'm still way ahead of paying Australian prices.

Happy Shopping Beauties!


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  1. Wow! That's so great! So worth trying might consider doing this!

  2. It's a great way of buying Benefit's best sellers and saving money.

  3. What a great bargain! I always thought the Australian prices for Benefit were rather over-inflated (as it is with so many other products from overseas). Thanks for sharing this!

  4. You will be super excited to go to the actual Benefit counter when it opens....have you been before? Thanks for the info for purchasing online. Goodluck with your blog, I am the same as you, learning as I go, I just had to jump in and figure it out as I went because I had no idea what they were talking about otherwise....i mean what the hell is a dashboard...ha ha ha - good luck.