Monday, 29 September 2014

Beautyheaven Beauty Degustation

The definition of "degustation" is to taste or trial something carefully so as to appreciate it fully, and at beautyheaven's Beauty Degustation last weekend there was definitely alot of trialling and appreciation of new beauty products.

I felt so lucky and grateful to be selected to attend this Beauty Degustation on the weekend, along with about 30 other beautyheaven members. I was made to feel welcome as soon as I set foot in the beautyheaven HQ's doors with a warm welcome, introductions to the other members and offers of drinks and refreshments. Beautyheaven thought of everything, even the chocolate cakes they served us were "beauty-full" with edible gold glitter sprinkled over the top of them.

At the event there were 4 different beauty stations set up which we rotated through in small groups. The first station I visited was the L'Oreal Professionnel station where we learnt about hair follicles and the life cycle of hair. 

We were informed that 75% of women are concerned with hair thinning issues. Unfortunately I am one of them as I have recently noticed some thinning in the region of my scalp where I used to frequently tie my hair up into a high ponytail at night.

As a result I am very interested in L'Oreal Professionnel's new product range named Serioxyl for fuller and denser hair. This range includes a Denser Hair serum, Clarifying Shampoo, Bodifying Conditioner and Densifying Mousse, which after 3 months of usage claims to stimulate up to an extra 1700+ more hairs. The reported end result: denser, fuller looking hair.

We were provided with a set of these products each and I'm starting to trial them today. I'll take some before and after photos and report back after three months as to what results these products achieved on me.

The second station was the Rimmel London makeover station where we had a mini makeover concentrating on our eyes. The product being promoted was the new Rimmel London Wonder-full mascara with Argan Oil. This product went on easy and it was good to know that it was treating our eyelashes whilst beautifying us at the same time! Other products used on my eyes included the Scandaleyes eye shadow stick in bulletproof beige and the Exaggerate eye definer.

The third beauty station I visited was the Sally Hansen manicure station. Here we received mini mani's from the lovely Alison using Sally Hansen's new Complete Salon Manicure Spring Colour Collection of beautiful pastels. Kate Waterhouse was involved in selecting the colours for this collection so you know that these colours will be perfect for wearing with this year's spring racing season fashions! Three days later my mani is still perfect looking with no chips.

The final station was the fragrance station. This station involved smelling five fragrances including Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid, Intimately Beckham, Sunny Alice, Katy Perry Killer Queen & Katy Perry Royal Revolution. The aim was to try to identify as many fragrance notes in each of these fragrances as we could. The guest who named the most notes correctly for each fragrance received that fragrance as a prize. 

Photo credit: Beauty Heaven
Boy, did I find this HARD!!!! I know what fragrances I like and what I don't like but I am no good at describing their notes. So I was pleasantly very surprised to be the winner of the Katy Perry Royal Revolution fragrance. YAY! This fragrance was my favourite out of the 5 fragrances. The composition is floral and slightly fruity. The top notes include aromas of red pomegranate and pink freesia. Jasmine and orange flower are enriched with sandalwood in the heart, while the base includes unusually mystical notes of blackthorn with addition of vanilla orchid, leather and skin musk. Confession: although I identified three of these notes, the others were too obscure for my insensitive nose! 

After receiving this fragrance I was amused to read on the back of the box the tag line for it is "The Scent Of Victory" -  very appropriate! Haha!

Photo credit: Katy Perry Royal Revolution
Finally as we were leaving, as if all the above were not pampering and treat enough, we were further spoilt with several goody bags from beautyheaven, L'Oreal Professionnel, Rimmel London and Sally Hansen containing the products photographed below.

Thank you so much beautyheaven for an absolutely amazing afternoon of being pampered, learning about and trying new products, and talking beauty with other beautyheaven members. I had a fantastic time! I can't wait to start reviewing these products.


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  1. Great summary. We are so lucky to be spoiled by Beauty Heaven. Congratulations on your perfume win.

  2. Wow, I am totally jealous!!

    1. You should join BeautyHeaven! Their website is so informative for everything beauty related and you'll have the chance of joining in on amazing trials etc.

  3. Thanks for sharing the fun of this BH event! It sounds amazing :)

    1. You're welcome. It was fun re-living it by writing about it!

  4. That looks amazing - how lovely to have a business like this spoiling its members!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

    1. BeautyHeaven does look after it's members well! I've been relying on the information on its comprehensive beauty website for years!

  5. WOWZERS! What an awesome event and those goodie bags are filled with so much goodness. Great post.
    C x