Monday, 27 July 2015

MOMMA Shea Butter Mineral Lipstick

Isn't the black and white packaging of MOMMA lipsticks just the cutest? 

MOMMA Shea Butter Mineral Lipstick

MOMMA stands for Ministry of Mineral Makeup Australia and was founded in 2014. The philosophy behind the MOMMA brand is that pure mineral makeup should be affordable and made without chemicals or cruelty.

MOMMA Shea butter mineral lipsticks are:

  • 100% natural 
  • 100% vegan 
  • chemical free 
  • cruelty free
  • and contain no FD&C dyes.    
YAY!!! They are also Australian made! What more could an Aussie beauty lover ask for?

I received a MOMMA Shea Butter Mineral Lipstick in the shade Rum & Raisin (L16) in my goodie bag at the recent Glamour Affair Sydney event.

MOMMA Shea Butter Mineral Lipstick
Rum & Raisins (L16)

MOMMA Shea Butter Mineral Lipstick
Rum & Raisins (L16)

I found the formula of this lipstick to be creamy and moisturising, with good pigmentation. It glided on smoothly and wasn't at all drying, waxy or sticky. The colour and hydration lasted well between meals, although I did reapply it again after eating.

It must be the Shea butter, jojoba oil and orange peel oil that make this lipstick so lusciously hydrating.

MOMMA Shea Butter Mineral Lipstick
Rum & Raisins (L16)
I did take some photos of this lipstick on my lips but due to the lighting the colour looked quite deceptive. So rather than post an inaccurate photo I've deleted them. In real life, this lipstick on my lips looked similar in colour to the above swatch.

I am impressed with the quality of this MOMMA Shea butter mineral lipstick, especially given its very affordable $12 price. It just goes to show that it is possible to make good quality, chemical free and cruelty free mineral lipsticks for an affordable price.

My only disappointment is that there aren't that many colours in the MOMMA Shea butter mineral lipstick range. On the MOMMA website currently I only saw the three shades of Shea butter mineral lipstick pictured below, all of which I am very tempted to get! There were however some more shades of different formula MOMMA lipsticks.


If you love vegan makeup you will enjoy reading about the exciting new vegan makeup range from W7: W7 Very Vegan Makeup.

Do you try to buy chemical free or vegan makeup? 
If so, what brands do you recommend?   


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*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor am I affiliated with this brand. I was kindly gifted this product at the recent Glamour Affair Sydney event. There was no obligation to write about it. As with all my posts it is 100% honest and my own personal opinion.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Monday Makeup Madness #16 Link Up Party

Welcome to Monday Makeup Madness #16 Link Up Party!

All bloggers are welcome to join in and link up a makeup or beauty related post each. 
All non-bloggers are also most welcome to join the party and enjoy reading the wonderful range of beauty blogs all from the one convenient location.

Monday Makeup Madness #16 Link Up Party

The aim of the Monday Makeup Madness link up party is to share some beauty blogger love, strengthen our beauty blogger community, help all our blogs be seen by new readers and also enable us to discover some wonderful new beauty blogs and products.

Last week we had 17 bloggers each link up a beauty related post each with a couple of themes appearing throughout the link up, including DB brand reviews, Lush reviews and Faby reviews. 

The four most clicked upon linked posts included the following:

Most clicked on posts from Monday Makeup Madness #15

  • As a result of her lipstick collection refresh Kat from Kat's Colourings blog discovered a new lipstick brand love, the improved DB Cosmetics. She shared her swatches and reviews on this popular post.
  • Christina from Love That Lippie blog reviewed the DB Cosmetics Lightweight Oil-Free Foundation. She favourably compared this drug store brand foundation to higher end foundations. It sounds like DB Cosmetics are definitely worth trying.
  • Fabulous and Fun Life blog reviewed some heavenly fragranced Lush products. From the comments it sounds like there is a lot of love for Lush products amongst us! 
  • Amy from Health and Beauty Girl blog allowed us a sticky beak into her decluttered hair samples as she attempted to find products that would help de-frizz her hair. It was good to read that the Hask Macadamia Oil Exotic Shine Treatment was a winner!

If you missed out on reading any of these four popular posts from last week you can click on the links above to catch up with them. 

I'd love you to join this week's Monday Makeup Madness link up and if your post is one of the most clicked upon I'll feature it in next week's link up post. The rules of the link up are simple: 
  • Link up one makeup or beauty related post a week only. 
  • Include a link back to Fabulous and Fun Life in your post. 
  • Visit and comment on three or more linked posts and hopefully discover new blogs and products to love! Remember the more you comment on other beauty bloggers' posts the more likely they will be to return the love by visiting and commenting on your blog post.
  • This link up starts each Monday morning (Sydney time) and will remain open until late Wednesday evening.

If you would like to pin your linked posts to the Monday Makeup Madness pinterest group board follow Fabulous Fun Life on pinterest and send an email to me at asking to be added as a co-pinner on this board. All linkers on Monday Makeup Madness can become co-pinners of this pinterest group board.

Please share the link to this Monday Makeup Madness link up party on your blogs & social media accounts to help get the word out amongst more beauty bloggers, inviting them to join in to share some beauty blogger love with us! We will all benefit from more participants, readers and commenters. I absolutely love discovering new beauty blogs to read, comment on and follow!

Let the link up party fun begin!


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Monday, 20 July 2015

Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser

Recognisable by their distinctive green flora wallpaper design packaging Antipodes skincare products tap into the abundant and powerful natural ingredients uniquely grown in New Zealand and have strong scientific validation of their performance.

Antipodes also has a very strong green beauty ethos which aspires to ecologically sound values, full organic certification, trace-ability of sustainable ingredients, the use of renewable resources and the lightest of carbon footprints. Yay! Definintely a brand I want to support!

As a result of the above I was very excited to receive a couple of Antipodes products from the recent Glamour Affair Sydney event (read the review of this event here), including the Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser.

Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser

Being a cleansing balm, this cleanser is different to any other cleanser I have previously used. It comes in a convenient to use screw top 75 gram plastic tub with a small spatula included. I love it when brands provide spatulas. It's so much more hygienic than dipping your fingers into the product!

The lovely and thick cleansing balm is yellow in colour with small seed-like granules in it which provide a mild exfoliation. You can just see the granules if you look closely at the above photo.

Antipodes advises that 100% of the ingredients are from natural origins and 76% of the ingredients are from organic cultivation.

So what ingredients does it contain? 
Olive oil, Shea butter, beeswax, harekeke flax oil, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, lavender oil, cocoa butter, Vinanza Grape extract, blue chamomile flower extract, hibiscus flower and Vitamin E are all included ingredients. It's a refreshing change to be able to read the ingredients and recognise what they are rather than reading a list of chemicals! 

The balm is beautifully scented with chamomile and lavender, which also work to calm and soothe the skin. All the oils and butters listed above help to moisturise and soften the skin and the harekeke flax oil has proven antibacterial properties.The Vinanza Grape extract is reported to be full of antioxidants to help repair free radical damage, whilst the hibiscus flower provides a gentle exfoliating action.

To use this cleansing balm you need to apply it to your skin and then gently massage it onto your face with upward circular movements. The balm unsurprisingly feels quite buttery in texture and I massage it into my face for a couple of minutes.

Removing this cleansing balm from your face is a bit more work than removing normal cleansers. You can't fully remove it with water alone. You definitely need to also use a wash cloth.

Despite the extra work to remove this product I love it for the results it gives. My skin always feels so soft, smooth, moisturised and deeply cleansed after use. Well worth the effort required!

If you are interested in buying the Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser to try it yourself you can click HERE to buy it from Ry Australia.

You can see more of the Antipodes product range HERE.

Have you used any Antipodes products?
If so, which ones and what did you think about them?
What style of cleanser do you prefer to use?


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Fabulous and Fun Life

Fabulous and Fun Life

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was kindly gifted them at the recent Glamour Affair Sydney event for editorial consideration. As with all my posts, this post is 100% honest and my own personal opinion.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Lush Goodies!

Lush products are some of the most heavenly fragranced products I've ever had the pleasure to indulge in! I also love the fact that Lush products are handmade, vegetarian and vegan products and that the brand does not test on animals. Lush is one of the most environmentally conscious beauty companies out there, committed to ethically sourcing their ingredients and using minimalistic packaging! Yay Lush! 

Lush Goodies Galore

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the amazing Glamour Affair event in Sydney (read more about this event here) where Gine and Aisling from Lush gave us a demonstration of how to make mermaid water and then demonstrated some of their other best selling products to us before generously gifting us with the photographed wonderful Lush goodies above to take home and trial further.

Big Blue Bath Bomb RRP: $6.25 per bath bomb

Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb
My favourite product was definitely the Big Blue bath bomb. The scent from these bath bombs filled the Glamour Affair event room with such a divine lavender scent! In addition to lavender oil, the Big Blue also contains lemon oil, seaweed and sea salt to clear your mind and soften your skin.

Gine and Aisling informed us that even people without a bath can enjoy the amazing scent of these bath bombs. What you do is sit the bath bomb on your vanity and pour a tiny bit of water onto the top of the bath bomb to release its divine fragrance! Mind you, my bath bomb already gave off an amazing scent without even having to release the scent with water! 

Gine and Aisling advised that you can keep doing this over and over for absolutely ages to have a divinely scented bathroom or any room of the house really. There's no need to keep these bath bombs hidden away in the bathroom. 

This is how I planned to enjoy my bath bomb's scent for several weeks but it became just too tempting for me and so after less than one week I succumbed and enjoyed the most relaxing bath ever with it! 

A tip to make your bath bomb last for two baths instead of one is to cut it in half! I found half my Big Blue bath bomb was more than enough for one bath. The Big Blue turned my bath water a beautiful ocean blue colour and released a number of seaweed particles into the water which I used to give my skin an exfoliating rub. 

If you don't like a "messy" bath with particles in it however, this bath bomb might not be the best choice for you or you could place the bath bomb into a stocking to contain the seaweed particles. I personally loved the particles. The colour of the bath bomb did not stain my bath tub. After these baths I was sooooo relaxed and my skin definitely felt softer.

Lush Dream Cream RRP: $29.95/240g

Lush Dream Cream
Lush's number 1 selling product is the Lush Dream Cream hand and body lotion.This cream has a beautiful lavender and tea tree fragrance and felt soothing and cooling on my skin, possibly due to the inclusion of the lavender oil, tea tree oil & chamomile blue oil in its ingredients. The oat milk base to this cream would have also contributed to its soothing properties.

The Dream Cream has quite a rich, thick consistency. You only need to use a little bit at a time. It can take a little while to fully absorb into your skin if you use too much at once. I've been using it on my legs after shaving them to minimise any subsequent skin irritations and have also been using it to combat winter's dehydrating effect on my hands. It has left my skin feeling silky soft. I can fully understand the popularity of this cream!

Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar RRP: $13.95/100g

Lush Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bar

At the Glamour Affair event we paired up and massaged each others' arms with the new Lush Shades of Earl Grey massage bars. Let me tell you it was definitely no punishment being massaged with this product! It's beautifully yet subtly scented with earl grey and citrus and has a rich, buttery feel to it. It felt like such an indulgence to receive an arm massage with it from a previous stranger and afterwards although it was just my arm being massaged I felt completely relaxed and blissed out!

To use these massage bars you can either warm them up between your hands or rub them straight on to your skin. You then massage in the oils and butters from the bar. 

At Glamour Affair we then dusted our arms with Silky Underwear dusting powder (yes, there is definitely a theme happening here with these products!!!). This helped ensure our arms didn't feel at all "sticky" afterwards.

Popcorn and Mint Julips Lip Scrubs RRP: $9.95/25g

Lush Popcorn and Mint Julips Lip Scrubs
I already owned the Mint Julips lip scrub pictured above and was happy to receive a Popcorn lip scrub at the recent Glamour Affair event. I use these lip scrubs quite a lot and have repurchased them a couple of times! 

Lush's lip scrubs are perfect for buffing away dead skin from your lips by rubbing the scrub gently onto your lips resulting in smoother, softer, more moisturised lips which in turn makes them look more beautiful and helps ensure your lipstick lasts longer on your lips also!

Both of these lip scrubs smell good enough to eat! The Mint Julips lip scrub has a refreshing mint chocolate scent and results in a slight tingly sensation on my lips which I like. The Popcorn lip scrub smells like a butter, caramel popcorn.

At the Lush presentation it was interesting to learn that these lip scrubs are in fact fully edible!!! A quick check of the ingredients confirms that all the ingredients are edible, with the main ingredient being caster sugar. There is also a bubblegum scented lip scrub.

Lush American Cream Hair Conditioner and R&B Hair Moisturiser
My apologies but due to the already long length of this post I will review these two Lush hair products in a subsequent post at a later date.

You can find more information about all the above Lush products and more on the Lush website here.

Do you use Lush products? 
Which Lush products do you love?


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*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor am I affiliated with any of these products. I was kindly gifted these products at the recent Glamour Affair Sydney event for editorial consideration. As with all my posts it is 100% honest and my own personal opinion.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Luxcurly Lux Natural - My Holy Grail of Curling Irons!

Do you struggle with styling your hair? 

Do you have major hair envy of girls with beautiful beachy, boho, tousled or glamourous curls? Think Miranda Kerr, Sonia from Sonia Styling blogKate the Duchess of Cambridge, and almost every Hollywood star gracing the red carpet these days! They all have beautiful enviably styled curled hair!

Enviable Curls!

Would you like a quick, easy, fail-safe & fuss-free way to create gorgeous curls?

If like me you answered yes to any or all of the above questions then you need to keep reading!

A couple of weeks ago the opportunity arose to trial a Luxcurly Auto Rotating Curling Iron. 

As my answer to all the above questions was a big yes I knew I needed to push aside my memories of burning my hand on a previous curling iron and having totally uneven curls especially around the back of my head, to grab this opportunity and give DIY curls one last try! 

The Luxcurly was described as "the simple solution to make luscious locks achievable for even the most apprentice of hair curlers". This sounded like exactly what I needed!

There are two styles of Luxcurly auto rotating curling irons: 
  • the Luxcurly Lux Classic, with a cone shaped barrel. This is suitable for fine and/or short to medium hair. It creates more defined, tighter curls, like Hollywood classic starlets.
  • the Luxcurly Lux Natural, with a round shaped barrel. This is suitable for thick hair and/or medium to long hair. It creates more natural, relaxed curls.
As my hair is long and it was the more natural, relaxed wavy type of curl I was after I trialed the Luxcurly Lux Natural.

Luxcurly Natural

The Luxcurly Lux Natural is a 28mm barrel made from high quality tourmaline ceramic which results in the barrel heating up evenly and quickly, within 30 seconds. It has a 360 degree 2.5 metre long swivel cord which is very convenient if your mirror is not right next to a power point. It is an ergonomic weight and size and fitted well into my hand. It has a built in stand to rest the curling iron on to avoid scorching any furniture you rest it on. 

The auto rotating barrel of the Luxcurly is brilliant in minimising the risk of burning your hands, especially as you reach to curl the hair at the back of your head. 

With a previous curling wand I used to hit my hand against the barrel when manually winding my hair around it at the back of my head, resulting in several burns to my hand. This is the main reason I abandoned using my previous curling wand and resorted to always straightening my hair instead.

The Luxcurly is so much easier, quicker and safer to use than previous curling wands I've used as it does all the hard, winding work for you automatically at the push of a button. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and luscious locks will be effortlessly yours within minutes, even if you're a curling novice like me!
  1. Spray your hair with a heat protectant.
  2. Plug your Luxcurly into the power point. Turn the power point on. Press the Luxcurly "on" switch.
  3. Set the temperature on the Luxcurly using the "+/-" buttons. The temperature clearly displays on a mini LCD screen at the base of the curling iron. The temperature setting automatically sets to 180 degrees but can be varied up to 220 degrees Celsius and also down. After a bit of experimentation I found the 180 degrees temperature worked best for me. 
  4. Divide your hair into three layers and then one layer at a time, starting from the bottom layer, take a small section of your hair and place the ends under the clamp of the Luxcurly.
  5. Press either the L or R button depending on which way you want your curls to be formed.
  6. Leave your hair in the curler for 10 seconds, then press the opposite directional button to release your hair away. Release your hair from the clamp and voila one perfectly formed curl! How quick and easy is that!
With Luxcurly beautiful hair is a touch away! I still might not look like Miranda Kerr, Sonia or Kate, but at least I have an alternative easy & fuss-free go-to hairstyle now!

Below is a before and after photo of my first attempt at using the Luxcurly. Originally I had planned to practice using it several times before photographing the end result but I changed my mind and decided to show you my first attempt instead to show how easy the Luxcurly is to use for even an apprentice hair curler like myself! 

Before & After Luxcurly
These Luxcurly Auto Rotating Curling Irons are available from the Luxcurly website. RRP: $119. Luxcurly is currently holding an EOFY 20% off sale until midnight Thursday 9th July 2015 AEST during which these curling irons are reduced to $95.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor am I an affiliate of this product. I was kindly sent this product for editorial consideration. As with all my posts it is 100% honest and my own personal opinion.

What is your go-to hair style for a night out?
Who do you have hair envy of?


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