Sunday, 1 November 2015

Monday Makeup Madness #30 Link Up Party

Welcome to Monday Makeup Madness #30 Link Up Party!

All bloggers are welcome to join in and link up a makeup or beauty related post each. 
All non-bloggers are also most welcome to join the party and enjoy reading the fabulous range of beauty blogs by the many amazing bloggers that all link up here each week.

Monday Makeup Madness #30 Link Up Party

The aim of the Monday Makeup Madness link up party is to share some beauty blogger love, strengthen our beauty blogger community, help all our blogs be seen by new readers and also enable our readers to discover some wonderful new beauty products and blogs.

Last week we had 17 lovely beauty bloggers link up a beauty related post each. The three most viewed posts from last week's link up party plus one of my favourite posts were:

Four Popular Posts Linked
Up To The Monday Makeup Madness #29 Link Up Party

  • Sagan's tutorial on on how to get a soft smokey eye was a popular post. I love how this is one makeup look that improves over time as the makeup smudges!
  • Kats' review on Kats Colourings of the DB Cosmetics Age Revive and 24 Hour Foundations was also a popular one. I've been reading quite a few positive reviews about DB products lately! 
  • Rachel from Rachel Beauty Style posted an overview of the contents of the Bloggers United AU Sydney event goodie bag. All the attendees were so spoilt at this event! There will no doubt be a lot of reviews coming up about all these products!
  • Barbe's review of the Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate The Nude Collection lipsticks on Fashionista in Suburbia was also well read. I'm loving the darker 45 & 48 shades!
I'd love you to join this week's Monday Makeup Madness link up and if your post is one of the three most clicked upon I'll feature it in next week's link up post. I'll also pick one other linked post to feature. The rules of the link up are simple: 
  • Link up one makeup or beauty related post a week only. 
  • Include a link back to Fabulous and Fun Life in your post. 
  • Visit and comment on three or more linked posts. Remember the more you comment on other beauty bloggers' posts the more likely they will be to return the love by visiting and commenting on your blog.
  • This link up starts each Monday morning (Sydney time) and will remain open until late Wednesday evening.

If you would like to pin your linked posts to the Monday Makeup Madness pinterest group board follow Fabulous Fun Life on pinterest (this is a pinterest requirement not mine) and I'll invite you to join this board as a co-pinner. All bloggers who participate in the Monday Makeup Madness link up party are welcome to become co-pinners of this group board. It's another great way to get your posts seen by new readers.

Finally, please share the link to this Monday Makeup Madness link up party on your blogs & social media accounts to help get the word out among more beauty bloggers, inviting them to join in & share some beauty blogger love with us! We will all benefit from more link up party participants and readers. 

I absolutely love discovering new beauty blogs to read, comment on and follow!

Please Note: I am currently having trouble posting comments on WordPress blogs. I'm not sure why my comments don't appear, but please be assured that even if I have not left a comment on your linked blog post I do visit and read every single linked post :) Hopefully I will figure out what the problem with my comment posting is soon. In the meanwhile if anyone has any suggested fixes for me I would be most grateful!

Let the link up party fun begin!


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  1. <3 thanks for the feature! Always enjoy this party :)

    1. You're welcome Sagan! Glad to hear you enjoy the Monday Makeup Madness link up party!

  2. Oh such a great collection of posts this week! I'm going to join if that's ok :)
    I had the problem commenting on wordpress posts!! I commented on many and the comments didn't show up :( anyone knows what's wrong?

    1. Welcome, I'm glad you are joining in! Unfortunately I am yet to solve my inability to now comment on WordPress blogs :( I am still reading them all, I'm just not able to comment on them.

  3. I've had problems commenting on WordPress blogs recently too...I wonder what's going on?

  4. I few people have been having trouble with commenting on the Wordpress blogs. Have you tried a different browser?

    I've been having trouble commenting on Blogger accounts with my Wordpress kept recognising my Google ID. So I had to log out of my Google account and it seems to be working okay now.