Monday, 30 November 2015

The Easiest, Most Effective Anti-Ageing Strategy + GIVEAWAY

I love Australia's sunny climate and outdoor lifestyle. Unfortunately scientific research has found that about 90% of premature skin ageing is believed to be caused by UV exposure from the sun.

Another study found that a two percent increase in skin damage ages the face by three years! YIKES! I don't mind ageing gracefully according to my years but not by more than my years!

Premature skin ageing can include:
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • age spots
  • uneven skin tone
  • freckles
  • textural changes to skin
  • precancerous skin changes and even
  • skin cancer.
Premature skin ageing, once present, is extremely difficult to reverse! It really is much easier to prevent in the first place rather than try to reverse.

The easiest and most effective anti-premature ageing strategy is to use high SPF sunscreens. 

Nowadays, with the large range of sun screen products available, there is just no excuse not to apply sunscreen each and every day, whether it's sunny or overcast. There are products to suit every person, every part of your body and every occasion!

Sunscreens have dramatically improved since the days of my childhood! Gone are the days of the thick, greasy pore-clogging sunscreens - thank goodness! In their place are a myriad of sunscreens that are all lightweight, low in fragrance and dry to touch. Some also include secondary benefits such as providing intensive moisturising or containing additional anti-ageing properties.

Here's a brief overview of some of the effective new sunscreen products currently on the market. Firstly, looking at sunscreens specifically developed for the face.

SunSense Face Specific Sunscreens 

SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+
75g Tube $14.99
A light oil-free moisturising sunscreen with a sheer tint for an invisible matte finish.It's non-comedogenic so it won't clog pores. It's also fragrance, PABA and lanolin free. Contains Vitamins B3 and E. It can be worn alone or under makeup.

SunSense Anti-Ageing Face SPF 50+
100ml $20.95
An oil-free sunscreen formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Vitamins B3 and E
I love the multi-functional nature of this sunscreen as not only does it protect your skin from the premature ageing effects of the sun, the AHA also works to improve skin texture and tone whilst helping to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles! The added Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps improve the appearance of age spots and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for my 40+ year old skin!

SunSense Anti-Ageing Face Matte SPF 50+
100ml $20.95
This sunscreen is very similar to the one above with the same benefits of the added AHA, vitamins B3 and E. The difference is this sunscreen has a sheer tint for an invisible matte finish. I love the feel of the matte finish of this sunscreen on my skin. This sunscreen is my new go-to sunscreen for my face!

SunSense Moisturising Face SPF50+
100ml $13.95
I received this sunscreen originally from a BeautyHeaven event a couple of months ago. This sunscreen is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and is non greasy and non sticky. It has an oil-free base and can be worn either alone or under makeup without the makeup sliding off. It's non comedogenic and free from fragrances, PABA and lanolin. It is also moisturising, as the name suggests, and thus perfect for normal and dry skin. 

SunSense Lip Balm SPF 50+
15ml Tube $5.95
Melanin helps protect our skin against ultraviolet radiation but unfortunately our lips don't produce melanin. This makes it even more important to apply sunscreen to our lips. SunSense Lip Balm comes in an easy glide on applicator tube. It feels soothing and moisturising probably due to the added cocoa butter and vitamin E in its formula. Being fragrance, PABA and lanolin free, as well as propylene glycol and preservative free, it's suitable for sensitive skin.

Banana Boat & Dermalogica Sun Protection Products

Banana Boat Everyday Faces SPF 50+
100ml $11.99
This product is an oil-free, non-greasy and gentle formula designed for daily use. It absorbs quickly and easily into your skin whilst offering all round broad spectrum protection. It's light enough to wear under makeup.

Banana Boat Everyday Sensitive SPF 50+
100g $16.49
This sunscreen is specially formulated to provide optimal sun protection for sensitive skin and is ideal for those who may avoid using sunscreen for fear of irritation. It's lightweight, fragrance free and non greasy whilst still offering broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It is 4 hours water resistant.

50ml $92.50 (Currently on sale for $74)
I've included this product as it is a bit different from the others. I received it at a BeautyHeaven Dermalogica event a couple of months ago where it was prescribed for my skin after I underwent a Face Mapping process. You can read more about this process here. Whereas the other products I've mentioned today I'd class as sunscreens, some of which have the added benefit of a moisturiser, this product I'd class as a moisturiser treatment with the added benefit of SPF 50. It focuses on reducing hyper-pigmentation in the skin including the development of new pigmentation from UV light from the sun.

Much as I have loved using this product, unfortunately it is way too expensive to use in the quantities recommended for sunscreen usage even if you limit yourself to just using it on your face and neck as I have done, i.e it's recommended you use more than 1/2 teaspoon (3ml) to the face and the same (3ml) for the neck. 

Next looking at sunscreens for the rest of the body.

SunSense Sunscreens

SunSense Ultra SPF 50+
125ml $10.25
This is an ideal family sunscreen offering very high protection and 3 hours water resistance. It contains dual UVA/UVB absorbers, applies easily and doesn't leave a greasy residue. It also comes in a huge 500ml pump pack ($23.95) that would be useful for keeping near the door as a reminder to apply before going outdoors.

SunSense Sport SPF 50+
50ml roll-on $8.95
This is the sunscreen I pop in my youngest son's school and sports bags. The roll-on applicator makes it easy for him to apply and it's secure from any potential leakage. It is specially developed with UV, water, sand and sweat in mind. It is 4 hours water resistant and also sand and sweat resistant.

SunSense Clear Gel SPF 50
125ml $11.95
This sunscreen is my teenage son and daughter's favourite! It is a readily absorbed, super quick drying and easy to spread gel which is suitable for all skin types including hairy, oily and acne-prone skin. It is sand resistant and water resistant for 60 minutes.

SunSense Sensitive SPF 50+  
75g $10.95
This gentle sunscreen lotion is suitable for very sensitive skin including babies. 
It is free from chemical absorbers, lanolin, fragrance and colour. Water resistant for 4 hours. Paediatrician and dermalogially tested. Suitable for face and body.

SunSense Clear Mist SPF 50
200ml $17.99
I like using this SunSense Clear Mist spray on my body when I'm by the pool. It's clear so I don't need to worry about rubbing it in. It's easy to use, absorbs easily, and dries quickly. It has added vitamin B3 and E and is free from PABA, lanolin, preservatives and propylene glycol. It has the advantage of being water resistant for 3 hours.

I'm determined my children are not going to have the premature skin ageing I have due to sun damage from my younger days. Having suffered from a malignant melanoma and having had two surgeries for this I am vigilant with both my sun protection and theirs. Most of my skin damage was done in my youth, but at least I can prevent my premature ageing due to the sun from getting any worse and theirs from developing! I suspect my children's generation's skin will be in such a better condition than my generation's skin tends to be at the age of 40 and beyond!

If you want to protect your skin from the number one cause of premature ageing this summer you are in luck. Thanks to the generosity of SunSense I have 3 x SunSense Summer Favourites Packs to giveaway to readers of Fabulous and Fun Life just in time for the summer holidays! Each pack is valued at over $140!

Each SunSense Summer Favourites pack includes the following items:
  • SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+ 75g
  • SunSense Anti Ageing Face Matte 50+ 100ml
  • SunSense Moisturising Face SPF 50+ 100ml
  • SunSense Sport SPF 50+ 200g
  • SunSense Ultra Trigger Spray SPF 50+ 200g
  • SunSense Lip Balm SPF 50+
  • SunSense Clear Mist SPF 50 200ml
  • SunSense Aftersun Cooling Creme 200g
  • SunSense Neoprene Beach Bag + SunSense Inflatable Pool donut.
Just follow the instructions in the RaffleCopter link below and good luck! This competition closes at midnight on 14/12/2015.

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Which of the above sunscreens appeals to you the most and why?


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 * These products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here.


  1. What a fabulous range of products! I love the multi-function capacity of them and anti-aging anything floats my boat LOL This would be a fabulous giveway for me to win so that I am properly *armed* for my upcoming holiday at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast :-) x

  2. The SunSense Clear Mist sounds like a winner to me - easy to use and absorb which makes it great for everyday use without feeling like a dirty grease ball.

  3. Love Sunsense sunscreens but the antiaging Matte SPF 50 would sit nicely under my makeup, no more oil slick greasy face!
    Thanks for a great giveaway, claire X

  4. A great roundup of sun protection products, with my fair skin and living in Queensland I need good sun protection all year round and always on the look out for what's new or recommendations on what's working for others!

  5. The SunSense ultra SPF 50+ appeals to me as the 500ml pack is a budget friendly and high quality product. We go camping loads during summer, so this giant pack would be fantastic to keep in our car.

  6. SunSense Anti Ageing Face Matte 50+ I wear sunscreen all year round but I just cant handle an oily sunscreen on my face that wont allow me to wear makeup over it if I wish. I am lucky enough to live near the beach and so I always have sunscreen on hand for guests to use. This prize would be wonderful.

  7. SunSense Anti-Ageing Face SPF 50+ fully steam ahead for the ultimate protection to protect my face from fine lines and wrinkles this summer...

  8. Sensitive, they seem more readily absorbed, not leaving you like a walking oil slick that breaks out in spots the next day because it's too greasy. Well at least that's my experience with the sensitive ones compared to the other kinds. (Ern)

  9. SunSense Sensitive SPF 50+, nothing is more important than looking after the safety of a child's skin!

  10. Love knowing all the good points about them all, I'm very much pro sunscreen so it's good to see all the options as well to make the most informed choice for my skin, and also my son.

  11. The SunSense Sport SPF 50+, because it's perfect to use on my son at school, as it won't come off no matter how active he is!

  12. The SunSense Moisturising Face SPF 50+ would be doing two jobs in one. Love that.

  13. I've been searching for a holy grail, everyday face sunscreen for a while now. I'd been keen to try the SunSense Clear Mist

  14. The SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+ appeals to me most because of its light oil-free formula and matte finish. I also love that it's free from some nasties and contains Vitamins B3 and E.

  15. I like the sound of the SunSense Daily Face because its moisturising so I could use it as a daily moisturiser and sunscreen combined. I used to use a foundation that contained sunscreen each day for work but now that I'm a stay at home mum I barely wear make up and I forget that means I don't have the sunscreen either. The Daily Face cream would solve that problem {and be easy to remember to apply each day}.

    Also visiting from #teamIBOT

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Banana Boat Everyday Sensitive, because as a roller derby girl who trains outside, I learnt the hard way that a fishnet and knee high sock sunburn line is not pretty, and skin is super sensitive due to all the derby related bruises!

  18. I've been repurchasing the Sunsense Daily Face for a few years, but at 49 I've been thinking of converting to their anti-ageing one. I hate the way most sunscreens feel like plastic wrap on my face, but I don't get that with the Daily Face.

  19. This would be an amazing prize to win and fill up the Christmas stockings with just before we head away for our summer holiday, Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  20. For me my favourite would have to be Sunsense Anti-aging face - I'm very passionate about not stepping out of the house without sunscreen on my face - the sun is very aging.

  21. SunSense Clear Mist SPF 50 just because I love to go to the pool and beach the 3 hour water resistant will benefits me. A plus for the spray as I've got a history of leaving my hand palm print on my shoulder while the rest of my body got sun burnt. Can't multitask while chit chatting with friends and applying sunscreen! Yikes!

  22. My skin so needs the Daily face sun screen, as a gal with freckles, I need all the protection I can get!

  23. Would you believe two of my kids are allergic to suncream? They can only use invisible zinc, which is quite expensive.

  24. I used a Cancer Council tinted sunscreen as a base during summer last year and I'd like to try something similar that's not too cloggy. My husband complains about getting sunscreen sweated into his eyes so would be good to find a formula that doesn't do that too. And with a toddler, you can never pack enough different types of application - roll, spray, smear and splat!

  25. I love the SunSense Sensitive SPF 50+ as I have a daughter with Eczema I have to be very picky and aware what we use on her skin as she can have flare ups from certain products, We even resorted to keeping her from swimming as we were unable to find a suitable product for a while until we tried this product, so it has been very tried and tested in our house!!

  26. I have eczema and most sunscreens i use all seem to give me rashes so having the opportunity to win some Sunscence sensitive SPF 50+ sunscreen to help me not getting sun burnt or eczema this summer

  27. Annika Flounders2 December 2015 at 21:37

    Great article, I would LOVE to win xx

  28. SunSense Anti-Ageing Face SPF 50+ because it seems to be the right choice for us elderly women. :)

  29. I have vitiligo, so I must keep the sun to a minimum and 50+ along with a hat is my only option. The SunSense Anti-Ageing Face would be a great option for me.

  30. Oh gosh - I want all of it! I am a sunscreen-crazy woman! I spend a fortune on it each year for myself and the 6 babies. Half of them have tanned skin like dad and the others are pathetically white like me. This is a great brand!

  31. Anti Ageing face - I need all the help I can get! But I probably needed it 10 years ago!

  32. Anti ageing 50+ - as long as that's the SPF and NOT the age of the intended user! ;)

    1. Hehe! Love it! I'm not quite that old yet!!!

  33. Definatley Sunsense Sensitive due to my dry skin which is starting to age a bit ... better not say too much

  34. The Sun Sense Sport being outdoors all day this would be excellent for me

  35. New liker to this Fab Beauty page.. :) Sunsense products would really benefit this outdoor loving family :)

  36. I love the Sun Sense Sport - the roll on application is just genius. There's nothing worse than being sporty and getting sweaty and having melty sun cream dripping in your eyes! I really need to up my game in the sun protection stakes now that summer is here and I'm running outside.

  37. I've always loved SunSense products, especially the SunSense Moisturising Face SPF50+ combined with the Lip Balm. I live and work our farm and I'm always outside working. SunSense keeps my skin safe from the sun, no matter what time of year.

  38. Such a great article Ingrid - thanks for all the information. The Anti Aging Matte cream is just what I need ♡♡♢

  39. Some great tips and a timely warning to us all to keep our skin protected this summer. A fab giveaway too. Having had a melanoma, I totally agree with covering up in the sun when the UV is high.

  40. I love the idea of the SunSense Clear Mist SPF 50 - I've actually never used a spray suncream before but it sounds so much nicer than wiping your own hands on what is (gross, but true, it's summer!) sweaty bodies... it takes away a small yuck factor and increases how much I would use suncream.

  41. Love the sound of the spray suncream! very handy! Lots of love from a new follower x

  42. Love the sound of the spray suncream! very handy! Lots of love from a new follower x

  43. sunsense products are my absolute favourite. spf is definitely one of the anti ageing methods

  44. The sunscreen spray would be perfect for days at the beach. Fast and simple.

  45. wow! what a comprehensive assortment of products! I'm an Aussie too and I know how damaging our sun can be on your skin. Thanks for sharing at #OverTheMoon :) ~ Leanne

  46. There are so many sunscreens out there. I am pretty bad at using it, more because I have yet to find one that doesn't give me pimples on my face. I need to try some of the new face specific ones I think.

  47. Since we've moved to North Queensland I'm even more aware of sun protection now and are having to make it part of the morning routine for everyone and are chasing the kids around spraying them all the time!!

  48. I had a melanoma diagnosed a few months ago and removed from my left cheek - so I am ultra careful now to cover up.
    SunSense Ultra SPF 50+ is my pick.
    I was fortunate it was early detected -quite by chance.

  49. Fabulous giveaway Ingrid! I always buy the huge pump packs of sunscreen, we've been slapping it on already and so important to teach the kids to use it. The lip balms really appeal to me, and I should have bought some already.

  50. I love the SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+. Some sunscreens can be irritating to my face, and this one sounds perfect everything good, nothing to irritate!

  51. The lip balm instantly appeals because I live in Perth where the freo doctor usually blows the top layer of skin away....the beach will freeze over before anyone would plant a kiss on these dry old lips 💋💋

  52. The SunSense Moisturising Face SPF50+ because it's moisturising, good under makeup and I love that it's non comedogenic so won't clog my pores any more than they already are!

  53. I'm a 50+ kinda girl... I like knowing I'm solidly covered - and the Sunsense range has been awesome the last few Summers!

  54. We've used SunSense for many years here at home. The SunSense Sensitive sunscreen is the best I've ever found for my son's delicate skin, closely followed by the Banana Boat Sensitive sunscreen. Awesome giveaway and a great reminder to look after our skin at any age.

  55. The anti-aging sounds ideal for my skin , starting to notice the early signs of aging.

  56. The SunSense Anti Ageing Face Matte 50+, I'm hoping that it'll help stave off some of the wrinkles that are starting to appear!

  57. The SunSense Clear Mist SPF 50 200ml, quick and easy to apply anywhere, any-time, with two kids and a pool at our place, I don't want to always have "sunscreen hands" just spray and go seems to be the dream!

  58. The SunSense Clear Gel SPF 50. You got me at sand resistant!

  59. SunSense Clear Mist SPF 50, perfect for little kids because sometimes its hard to pin them down, would be quick and easy

  60. SunSense Clear Gel SPF 50 absorbs well and is to use

  61. SunSense Clear Gel SPF 50, I don't like anything on my skin that's greasy or noticeable

  62. Love the SunSense Clear Mist SPF 50. S good that you don't need to rub it in.

  63. My favourite is the SunSense Clear Mist SPF 50 is easy to apply, and I don't end up with greasy, sandy hands from rubbing in sunscreen lotions at the beach.

  64. What a fantastic range. Anything with moisturising properties speaks volumes for me. I need all the help I can get in that department.

  65. Banana boat sensitive is a reputable brand that I trust and would love to win, as I have irritable skin that reacts to normal sunscreens.

  66. SunSense suits my skin type I have sensitive skin, this brand doesn't effect me in any way, I really love it!Ingrid. Great tip is to spray 50+ into your hair to protect our strands from UV rays or color fading in our locks.