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JOIK Natural Cosmetics Reviews and Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY

Having an Estonian heritage and being fluent in the Estonian language my curiosity was recently piqued when I saw an Instagram account called @IlusCosmetics as 'Ilus' means 'beautiful' in Estonian. Surely not be a coincidence, I thought! 

Ilus Cosmetics I discovered is an Australian company that imports JOIK natural cosmetics, candles and home fragrance products from Estonia into Australia.

I may be slightly biased, but what better, more beautiful country could there be to produce natural cosmetics?

Estonia is located in the Baltic region of Europe. What sets it apart is its natural beauty. Over 50% of Estonia is covered by unspoilt forests which are home to an amazing array of wildlife. Estonia has 6 larger islands and over 1500 smaller islands. In 2011 Estonia was ranked by the World Health Organisation as having the cleanest air in the world!

JOIK uses nature to its best advantage, whilst also caring for nature. It uses high quality natural and near natural ingredients to create luxurious beauty and home fragrance products that both pamper the senses and caress the body. 

JOIK does not use mineral oils, parabens, silicons or other potentially harmful substances. Their products are never tested on animals. All JOIK products are hand made in Estonia. JOIK proves that natural can be luxurious!

I had the opportunity to trial the following three luxurious JOIK products.

JOIK Products from Ilus Cosmetics

JOIK Rejuvenating Day Cream With Vitamins & Hyaluronic Acid
This day cream contains an impressive array of vitamins, herbal extracts and powerful antioxidants designed to improve the skin's elasticity, reduce lines and wrinkles, improve the skin's collagen production, firm and smooth the skin, protect it from environmental damage, even out the skin tone and reduce pigment spots. It sounds like exactly the type of product my 40+ year old skin is crying out for!

Upon initial use I have found this day cream to be lightweight, quickly absorbing and beautifully hydrating on my skin without leaving any greasy residue. It left my skin feeling silky smooth, and looking more radiant and "plumper", and thus more youthful after using it. Some of my fine lines appear to have softened.

I love the stylish bottle this product comes in with its hygienic pump dispenser. The bottle is transparent and thus it is easy to see how much product is remaining so you won't get caught short!

Overall I have been very impressed with this product and will continue using it.

JOIK Anti-Age Rejuvenating Daycream

JOIK Velvety Red Silky Lip Balm
I found this lip balm to be beautifully nourishing and moisturising on my lips probably due to the cocoa butter and various seed oils it contains. See the second photo below for the colour and finish on my lips. I used no filters or editing on this photo to give you the most accurate indication of the colour and finish of this lip balm. I found it very flattering on my lips. It added a perfect not-too-glossy coloured sheen to my lips.

This lip balm is aptly named as velvety and silky as this is exactly how it felt on my lips for up to three to four hours after application. After eating I had to reapply. I loved the flattering colour it added to my lips. The silky velvety moisturising feeling lasted until reapplication.

This lip balm will be on high rotation for me. It's gone to the top of my lip balm favourites list!

JOIK Velvet Red Silky Lip Balm 

JOIK Velvet Red Silky Lip Balm

JOIK Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion 
I absolutely love the divine scent of this Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion! It has a delicious, fresh raspberry scent which lingers beautifully on the skin without being too sweet like some berry scented products tend to be.

The bottle has a convenient, hygienic and easy to use pump. Every body lotion should really come in a pump bottle in my opinion! 

The lotion absorbed quickly into my skin. It is rich in sweet almond oil, shea butter and coconut oil and left my skin feeling soft, velvety and wonderfully pampered.

The natural mica minerals in this lotion gave my skin a gorgeous youthful glow and sexy shimmer. Perfect for a date night out, especially when wearing an off the shoulder top. Valentine's Day here I come!

JOIK Shimmering Raspberry Body Lotion

Which JOIK product appeals to you the most and why? 

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The three reviewed products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
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Friday, 22 January 2016

Patriotic Australia Day Colour Theory Nail Polishes

Colour Theory makes it easy to wave the Australian beauty flag with the following five patriotic colours starting from the top, going clockwise: Red Delicious, Cotton Tail, Cobalt Strike, Pistashio Paarty and Pineapple Express.

Colour Theory Nail Polishes

So whether you are planning on an Aussie blue, red and white nail look, 

Colour Theory Red Delicious, Cotton Tail &
Cobalt Strike Nail Polishes

or a true blue Aussie yellow and green nail look this Australia Day, Colour Theory has an option for you.

Colour Theory Pineapple Express &
Pistashio Paarty Nail Polishes

My favourite of these five shades is the Cobalt Strike shade with its gorgeous subtle shimmer! As regular readers of Fabulous and Fun Life would know I have never out grown my love of all things shimmery, sparkly and bling-y. I hope I never do either!

Making these nail polishes perfect to wear on Australia Day is not only their traditional Australian colours but also the fact that Colour Theory is a proud Australian company with Australian made products.

Colour Theory is an affordable cosmetics brand with over 100 products in its range covering face, cheeks, eyes, lips and nails. Prices start from $4 with nothing over $10. Colour Theory is exclusive to Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian Pharmacies.

How Do You Celebrate Australia Day?


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Monday, 18 January 2016

9 Big Sunscreen Mistakes YOU Need To Avoid

Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world! About 13000 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed in Australia in 2015. Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Every year more than 2000 Australians die from skin cancer. 

Unfortunately I am one of the people who have been diagnosed with melanoma, although I consider myself to be one of the luckier ones. I detected my new mole early, had it promptly removed, and even though it was found to be malignant requiring a further wide excision of my calf, I have had no further complications.

As a result I am now very conscious of being sun safe and applying sunscreen correctly!

The effectiveness and quality of sunscreens has improved greatly over the years and sunscreens are now widely used. Unfortunately a large percentage of us are making one or more of the following 9 big mistakes and are thus not fully sun protected, putting us at higher risk of developing sun cancer!

These mistakes are easy to avoid. Check the following list and make sure you are not making any of these mistakes. Be sun safe!

9 Big Sunscreen Mistakes YOU Need to Avoid!

Mistake 1: Not Using Enough Sunscreen
An Australian research paper published in the Australian Journal of Dermatology in December 2014 found that only 15% of adult Australians are using the recommended amount of sunscreen - which is 40ml for the whole body.

If you use less than the recommended amount you will not achieve the level of sun protection advertised on your sunscreen product.

To achieve the level of sun protection advertised on the label of the sunscreen you need to apply more than 1/2 teaspoon (3ml) of sunscreen to each arm, your face and your neck.

Additionally, you need to apply more than 1 teaspoon (6ml) of sunscreen to each leg, 1 teaspoon to the front and 1 teaspoon to the back of your body. 

Yes, you need to use a lot of sunscreen on a beach holiday!

SunSense Clear Gel SPF50

Mistake 2: Using Out of Date Sunscreen 
Sunscreens have an expiry date. The active ingredients in them will not be as effective after the expiry date. Check the expiry date on your sunscreen products and make sure your product is still in date.

Mistake 3: Not Applying Your Sunscreen Early Enough
Sunscreen should be applied approximately 15-20 minutes before going out in the sun to allow it enough time to fully absorb into your skin and offer the protection required.

Mistake 4: Not Reapplying Your Sunscreen Often Enough
You should reapply your sunscreen every two hours to ensure ongoing protection. In addition to this you should reapply your sunscreen each time after a swim. Some sunscreens state they are water resistant meaning they stay on your skin whilst you're swimming but they can rub off easily when you subsequently towel yourself dry. Always reapply your sunscreen after swimming, toweling and sweating.

Mistake 5: Not Storing Your Sunscreen Properly
To ensure your sunscreen stays effective it should be stored at room temperature, under 25 degrees Celsius. At the beach wrap your sunscreen in your towel or keep it in your esky if you take one with you. Do not leave your sunscreen in the centre console of your car!

Mistake 6: Not Using Sunscreen On Your Lips and Ears
Often we forget about our lips and ears when we apply sunscreen. Lips don't produce melanin (which helps protect against ultraviolet radiation) like skin does, so it's really important that our lips are constantly protected from the sun also. We also often forget to apply sunscreen to our ears!

Make sure you cover all of your face, including your lips and ears, with sunscreen.

SunSense Lip Balm SPF 50+

Mistake 7: Not Using a Sunscreen Every Day.
UV rays can penetrate clouds and also windows! You need to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days and when driving or working near windows. 

Mistake 8: Becoming Complacent Because You Have Applied a Sunscreen with SPF50
Yes, it is recommended you use a higher protection sunscreen such as SPF50 but this doesn't mean you should become complacent. Using an SPF50 as opposed to an SPF30 does not mean you can be out in the sun for twice as long nor does it mean you don't have to reapply your sunscreen as often!

SPF 30+ sunscreens filter out about 96.7% of UVB radiation whilst SPF50+ sunscreens filter out approximately 98% of UVB radiation.

Always choose a broad spectrum sunscreen which will protect you against both UVB and UVA radiation.

Mistake 9: I'm Using Sunscreen, Therefore I Can Safely Sunbake and Tan!
WRONG! There is no such thing as a "safe" tan! Tanning is a sign that your skin is being damaged. If you are wearing sunscreen and still getting tanned, check through the list above and find out what mistakes you might be making!

If you want to appear tanned, the only way to do so safely is to use a fake tan! There are some very good quality, easy to apply and effective fake tans on the market now, such as the pictured Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Instant Tan 9-in-1 BB Skin Perfector! 

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan 9 in 1 BB SKin Perfector

Have You Been Making Any Of The Above Big Sunscreen Mistakes?



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Monday, 11 January 2016

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation and Fix & Protect Primer Reviews

At the end of last year I received two bottles of the new Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation with SPF 20 in the shades of 200 Soft Beige and 203 True Beige plus the Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer with SPF 25 to trial and review.

Having trialed these products for over a month I thought it was now a good time to post a review of them and share my thoughts with you.

Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer and Rimmel Match Perfection Foundations

The Rimmel Fix & Protect Makeup Primer with SPF 25 is designed to:
  • prime the skin prior to the application of foundation and help it stay mattified for up to 7 hours
  • protect the skin from pollution, filter out harmful uv rays & help prevent hyperpigmentation
  • fix the skin with light diffusing properties which instantly blur blemishes. It can be worn alone or under foundation.
Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer With SPF 25

This primer is a lightweight, fairly runny, white formula which I find easy to fully blend into my skin. It feels moisturising on my skin, dries matte and is non greasy.

I'm a big believer of prepping my face, moisturising it and priming it prior to the application of makeup. I believe this is essential in achieving the best results possible. 

This primer definitely creates a smoother skin surface for me to apply my foundation onto.

I've been using this primer for the past month during my Sydney summer holidays and have found my foundation stays in place well over the top of it and does not slide off. My face also does remain matte for the majority of the day, which is a definite bonus, especially in this current warm weather, although I do also apply a setting powder over my T zone.

I'm grateful for the included SPF 25 but wish it were slightly higher still to remove my need for additional facial sun protection. If I were working indoors I would be happy with this level of sun protection, but as I've been on holidays and outside a lot I have still included an extra layer of sunscreen in my routine. Having had a history of malignant melanoma I have become super vigilant about wearing adequate sunscreen.

Overall I'm happy with this product and will be repurchasing it once this tube is finished.
The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation with SPF 20 is designed for
  • Skin Matching: Wonder tone technology, weightless texture, invisible coverage
  • Perfecting: Soft focus powders for pore blurring effect
  • Protecting: 24 hour moisture and SPF 20 and Vitamin E.
The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation with SPF 20 comes in 8 shades ranging from a very light shade #010 Light Porcelain to a medium/dark shade #400 Naural Beige.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundations
in 200 Soft Beige and 203 True Beige

I love the packaging of this foundation. It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a hygienic pump which dispenses a good amount of product resulting in no wastage and no mess!

This foundation is lightweight and I find it super easy to blend. It's smooth in application. The Soft Beige shade of this foundation matches my face's skin tone perfectly so I don't have to worry about any obvious lines showing around my jaw line and the end result of this foundation is very natural looking.

It feels hydrating and leaves my skin looking matte and feeling velvety to touch. It provides medium coverage.

I do use setting powder especially around my nose area with this foundation and primer as this is where I normally show shine first.

I appreciate the SPF 20 included in this product which would be adequate for me on days I'm working indoors but when on holidays and spending significant amounts of time outdoors I do apply an additional, stronger level of sun protection underneath my makeup.

Overall I like this product and plan to continue using it after I finish these two bottles.

For those of you interested in purchasing the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation I recently spotted it on sale HERE.

If you are interested in buying the Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer click HERE to buy.


Which foundation products have you been using recently? 
Have you tried these Rimmel products? 


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The three reviewed products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
All opinions are my own.  Full disclosure policy here.