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Colour Theory Nordic Light Collection Including An All New Colour Corrector

Colour Theory have just released their new autumn winter 2016 makeup collection 'Nordic Light'. Unlike most autumn winter makeup collections which usually adopt darker and richer hues, the Nordic Light collection draws inspiration from the calm, beautiful Scandinavian nights. It contains a mix of neutral soft tones and dusty rose pinks that ooze femininity. It also features some gorgeously frosted hues.

This soft colour range ties in with Pantone's 2016 Colours of the Year, a soft pastel pink 'Rose Quartz' and a pastel blue 'Serenity'. I've also seen an increase in pastel coloured home wares appearing for the autumn winter season, so these shades are obviously currently on trend!

Colour Theory Nordic Light Makeup Collection

Ice Ice Baby Eye Shadow - $10
I'm loving the frosted soft colours in this Ice Ice Baby eye shadow palette.The mauve shade instantly made my eyes pop - perfect for the shorted and darker days of autumn and winter! The darker shades create a bolder, more dramatic look for autumn and winter nights out! This actually is quite a versatile and affordable, fun palette. Although I don't know how much I'll wear the frosted blue colour I'll definitely be wearing the others this autumn and winter.

Colour Theory Ice Ice Baby Eye Shadow Palette

Colour Theory Ice Ice Baby Eye Shadow Palette Swatches
Mascara Plump - $8
This black mascara will help complete the above eye looks. I found this mascara easy to layer and it effectively increased my eyelash volume.

Colour Theory Mascara Plump

Colour Corrector - $10
The Colour Corrector is a great new makeup product for Colour Theory and probably my favourite product from this collection. Not only does it look pretty, it is a hard working, multi-tasking product. It is designed to prime and set makeup, and balance skin tone while controlling shine without adding any noticeable colour or texture, which is why swatches of this product were not really practicable. Simply use this colour corrector before and after applying makeup. I found it particularly useful in helping to neutralise my redness and reduce the shine around the nose area.

The orange in this colour corrector evens out skin tone and adds warmth, the pink brightens any dull spots and the green and purple help to neutralise redness and undertones.

Colour Theory Colour Corrector
Arctic Nude Lipsticks - $6 each
There are three lipsticks in the Colour Theory Nordic Light collection including I-See Pink, Barely There & Pure Zen.

These lipsticks feel creamy and moisturising, soft on the lips and are comfortable to wear. My favourite shade is definitely the frosty pale pink shade, I-See Pink! Just be careful when applying these lipsticks as I had the lipstick wound quite a long way out after photographing it and then applied it like that and ended up damaging it. Learn from my mistake and only wind the lipstick up a little bit when applying.

Colour Theory I-see Pink, Barely There & Pure Zen Lipsticks

Colour Theory I-see Pink, Barely There
& Pure Zen Lipsticks & Swatches

Nail Polishes - $4 each
There are four nail polishes in the Colour Theory Nordic Light collection. I received the three soft shades photographed below from left to right: Minted, Snow Bunny and Cashmere Kisses. I was surprised to learn that there is also a much darker, bolder purple colour called Apres Ski included in the collection. All Colour Theory nail polishes are fast drying and formaldehyde free and an absolute bargain, priced at $4 each!. 

Colour Theory Nordic Light Collection Nail Polishes -
Minted, Snow Bunny & Cashmere Kisses

For those of you not familiar with the Colour Theory brand it is an Australian owned brand
that is exclusive to Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian Pharmacies. It is also available online here. As can be seen from the above listed prices it is a very affordable cosmetics brand with over 100 products in its range covering face, cheeks, eyes, lips and nails. Prices start from $4 with nothing over $10. 

What Do You Think Of These Scandinavian Inspired 
Lighter Shades For Autumn Winter? 


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The above products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
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Monday, 25 April 2016

My Boutique Curves Brand Representative - Olivia Dress in 'So Frenchy'

I am so excited to announce that I have been chosen as one of three My Boutique Curves brand representatives for the next 12 months.

My Boutique Curves is an Australian fashion label created by Danielle Faulkner to fill the gap in the market for stylish and affordable clothing for the curvier woman. It is the sister label to the My Boutique label.  My Boutique Curves stocks sizes 16 to 24 whilst My Boutique stocks sizes 8 to 14. 

Both labels use exclusive prints that are designed in-house which means you'll be able to buy a piece of clothing from there and not see it everywhere you go!

My favourite piece of clothing from the new collection now online at My Boutique Curves is the Olivia Dress in 'So Frenchy'. I love stripes and I love bold fabric designs. Working part time and having three children I need affordable clothing that is also versatile. I need clothes that I can wear to work but which will also fit in with my non work lifestyle. The Olivia Dress in 'So Frenchy' fits the bill perfectly!

The features of the Olivia dress that curvy girls will love are the longer sleeves to cover our upper arms, the loose fit, so you don't have to worry when ordering this dress online whether it's going to fit you or not when you receive it and the high/low hem line. This hem line covers everything that needs to be covered at the back and at the front it stylishly shows a bit more leg.

Below I have styled this dress four ways for various different environments and activities.

Style 1 - Casual Look 1
For my first styling of the My Boutique Curves Olivia 'So Frenchy' dress I teamed it with my super comfortable silver sneakers, a wide brimmed hat and matching bag. A long necklace completed the look. A perfect everyday style for running around the suburbs completing chores!

My Boutique Curves Olivia Dress in 'So Frenchy' $79.95 / Seed Heritage Silver Sneakers (similar silver sneakers available here reduced to $34.97) / Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Sevillana pendant necklace (similar style of necklace available here $19.95). 

This styling was also perfect for a casual stroll around North Head at Manly whilst admiring the view and playing tourist in my own local area. 

The next photo shows the wonderful longer back of this dress. 

I love how the back of this dress billowed out behind me as I strolled along the headland.

Style 2 - Casual Look 2
This second look is the same as above but with the addition of a wide belt to give my waist a bit of definition. Some curvy girls are reluctant to add a belt but I believe it gives more shape. If you have a waist, a wide belt accentuates it and shows it off. If you don't have a defined waist a wide belt will help you fake a waist! Either way it's a flattering look!

My Boutique Curves Olivia Dress in 'So Frenchy' $79.95 / Seed Heritage Silver Sneakers (similar silver sneakers here reduced to $34.97) / Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Sevillana pendant necklace (similar style of necklace here $19.95) / My Size Wide Stretch Belt (not current). 

I love the back of this dress as much as the front, so here's a look at this styling from the back.

Style 3 - Smart Casual
This third look was achieved by adding one of this season's must have pieces, a chambray shirt. By tying it at the waist once again you are either accentuating your waist or faking a waist! You can tie the shirt at either your waist level or lower down if this is more comfortable for you. Adding strappy red sandals instead of the silver sneakers elevates the complete outfit to a smarter look.

Also let me introduce you to Ellie-May, my photo bombing bunny!

My Boutique Curves Olivia Dress in 'So Frenchy' $79.95 / Hugo Belle Hula Red Sandals (not current) / Sportscraft Chambray Shirt currently reduced to $104.99 (Here's a similar chambray shirt from Kmart for $20).

Style 4 - Work Wear 
By adding black closed toe shoes with a bit of a heel and a black jacket this outfit is now one I would wear to work.

My Boutique Curves Olivia Dress in 'So Frenchy' $79.95 / Sussans jacket (not current) / Ziera shoes (not current).

Which Styling Of This Dress Is Your Favourite? 

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Monday, 18 April 2016

How To Cure Frizzy Hair and Make It 'Bhave'

I definitely didn't win the hair lottery when I was born! Instead I inherited fine hair that's not straight and not curly but has a bit of an unruly wave to it. Without time intensive styling and products galore my hair tends to have a halo of fine frizz and loads of flyaways!

As a result when the opportunity arose to experience a bhave Smoothe Treatment I jumped at the offer. I was so keen in fact I mistakenly turned up to the appointment an hour early!

Prior to leaving home for the appointment I took a photo of my hair in its natural state, just brushed but with no styling products in it and no straightening. Note the very unflattering halo of fine frizz at the top!

My Hair On The Morning Of My
bhave Smoothe Treatment - Note The Fine Frizz Halo!

Upon arrival at the salon Emma, the lovely educator from bhave, brushed my hair again, as yes, it had become even more unruly during my trip into the city. This is what my hair looked like from the back after brushing and before I underwent the bhave Smoothe Treatment.

Pre bhave Smoothe Treatment

What is the bhave Smoothe Treatment?
Firstly it is important to note that the bhave Smoothe Treatment is NOT a straightening treatment. It does NOT restructure the hair. 

bhave Smoothe is a keratin-infused smoothing treatment that gives hair a more natural look with enhanced body, movement and most importantly for me, manageability. 

The keratin used in this treatment is derived from NZ sheep's wool. 

In addition to the above mentioned keratin, the bhave Smoothe Treatment is also enriched with argan oil, collagen and silk amino acids. The treatment sedates frizz (Yay!) and nourishes, rejuvenates, restores and protects your hair. It noticeably improves your hair health and provides long term conditioning. The Smoothe Treatment improves the quality of each and every hair strand! It enhances your hair's shine and dramatically reduces maintenance and styling time giving you more time in the mornings for other activities or for just sleeping in! Yes please! Who doesn't want that!  

What Does The bhave Smoothe Treatment Entail?
First up my hair was shampooed with a special shampoo designed to open up my hair shafts to allow the keratin to be deposited into the open hair cuticles. 

The Smoothe Treatment was applied with a brush and combed through my hair in 1 cm sections.

Because the bhave Smoothe Treatment, like all bhave products, is free of all chemical nasties including formaldehyde, parabens and sulphates, as well as sodium chloride, there is no horrible chemical smell to the treatment. bhave products are also never tested on animals.

Following this there was an approximately 30 minute wait for the treatment to soak in. My hair was then rinsed to remove any residue not absorbed into my hair before my hair was blow dried and a hair straightener was used to straighten my hair, activate the treatment and close my hair cuticles. 

All up this treatment took about two and a half hours in the salon. My hair post treatment looked amazingly sleek, smooth and shiny, and healthier than ever, with not a frizzy bit in sight!

An added benefit of the bhave Smoothe Treatment was that it brought out and refreshed the blonde highlights I'd had applied to my hair about 2-3 months prior. It looked as if my highlights had only just been applied - Winning!

Post bhave Smoothe Treatment
Post bhave Smoothe Treatment Care
For the first 48 hours the treatment solution needs to remain in your hair and it is important not to wash your hair during this time frame or use any styling products, but really why would you when you walk out of the salon with hair that looks this good?

It is important not to use any clips, pins or elastics in your hair during this time frame and not to tuck your hair behind your ears, to avoid any indentations or bends forming in your hair. You also shouldn't get your hair wet at all. If you accidentally do then you need to blow dry your hair straight or straighten it with a flat iron as soon as possible. You also need to use your hair straightener in the morning upon wakening to run it through your hair just once with your hair in large clumps.  

I must admit I was a bit nervous about washing my hair 48 hours after the treatment. I have had so many experiences leaving hairdressers with salon perfect hair only to be unable to replicate the style at home after the first wash! Well my fears proved to be unfounded in this case thank goodness!

After washing my hair and drying it, it still looked amazing, sleek and smooth, shiny, luscious and healthy, AND non-frizzy! And that was without me straightening it or applying any products to it!

Here's a photo of my hair after my first wash with no styling products applied and minimal blow drying.

After My First Hair Wash Post bhave Smoothe Treatment
(With Minimal Blow Drying and No Styling Products)

Would I recommend the bhave Smoothe Treatment?
The answer to this question is a resounding 'YES'! Seriously people, just look at my before and after photos! Of course I recommend this treatment! Although I was blessed to receive this bhave Smoothe treatment gifted to me on this occasion I will be going back again and paying for it myself in four months time once this treatment has worn off. I've already located the nearest salon to me that provides this treatment. You can locate the nearest salon to you that offers the bhave Smoothe Treatment HERE. 

The cost of the bhave Smoothe Treatment starts at $199 depending on your hair's length and density. The treatment lasts up to four months.

Since undergoing the Smoothe Treatment my hair has felt softer and silkier, and looked so much sleeker, shinier and healthier. It has lost its halo of frizz and it has been so much quicker and easier to style after washes, taking only a fraction of the time it did before. 

I've also been receiving non-stop compliments from family, friends and colleagues about my hair. People don't necessarily tell you that your hair looks frizzy, dull or a bit unruly, but when your hair suddenly looks sleeker, shinier and healthier let me tell you the compliments flow!

Thank you so much to bhave for the opportunity to trial this Smoothe Treatment. I can't stop raving about it!  Ever since having my bhave Smoothe Treatment two weeks ago my hair has behaved itself quickly and beautifully EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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Rose Gold Makeup & Jewellery Love

Rose Gold Makeup and Jewellery

Rose gold is simply the most gorgeous metallic shade ever! Don't you just love all things rose gold whether these be makeup items or jewellery. Here's a selection of 12 lust worthy, yet mainly affordable, rose gold makeup and jewellery items you'll be sure to love! 

In makeup, rose gold is a universally flattering shade for all skin tones. The Balm's Cindy-Lou Manizer is a brilliant multi-purpose rose gold product which can be used as an all-over highlighting powder but also looks great as a soft eye shadow.

How beautiful and dainty is this rose gold prism necklace by Lady Fox! It is so simple yet stunning! 

This Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Brush Set & rose gold clutch is just the ultimate in rose gold loveliness! 

Rose gold nail lacquer is a perfect shade for the current autumn season to wear on either all your nails or as a glamorous highlight nail.

How absolutely gorgeous is this rose gold cased eye shadow trio.  I love the product AND the packaging!

Here's another beautiful rose gold makeup brush! Who wouldn't want to apply their blush with this Real Techniques brush!

Benefit's Rockateur blush is a flattering rose gold shade which enhances your natural radiance.

This rose gold belt would add the perfect finishing touch to so many different outfits. I can't believe how cheap it is! 

Benefit's High Beam Face Highlighter is another universally flattering makeup product for either spot highlighting or creating an overall glow to your skin. Applied to your cupid's bow it gives the appearance of fuller lips!

This minimalist rose gold necklace looks so flattering with its notched V. Clean and simple yet chic this would be perfect for wearing to work or on weekends. And once again it's very affordable! Yay!

The best way of sampling Benefit's Rockateur blush, High Beam highlighter, Bene Tint lip & cheek stain and Rockateur ultra plush gloss is this amazingly economical rose gold Benefit Rockitude gift set.

Finally, this gorgeous luxe Michael Kors watch is my dream watch. Rose gold and crystal encrusted bling combined in a stunning design! Swoon! Not really within my current budget but a girl can dream can't she!

After compiling this blog post I'm more in love with rose gold than ever! I might even be making a few rose gold Mothers Day gift suggestions to my husband and kids this year! Either that, or maybe I'll just buy myself some rose gold treats instead - because every female deserves some rose gold treats, don't they! 

Are you a rose gold fan? 


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