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BEAUTY NEWS FLASH: Mally Launches at TVSN in Australia

Exciting news beauty lovers!

Mally Beauty is launching in Australia exclusively on TVSN on Friday 28 April!

Mally is such a well loved brand in the US I'm so excited it is now in Australia! 

Founded by makeup artist to the stars Mally Roncal, Mally is all about providing us women with the tools we need to bring out the beauty within. 

Mally Beauty products are designed to deliver what Mally calls 'all day fierce beauty', user friendly, multi-tasking products that truly stay put all day.

Mally has such an infectious enthusiasm for beauty and her philosophy is 'the things that make us different are the qualities that make us beautiful' - how good a mantra is that! 

She has made it her mission to share her beauty philosophy - empowering women everywhere to celebrate the differences that make them fierce, fabulous and amazing!

As a result I was happy to receive the Mally Prime, Prep & Glow 7 Piece Color Collection to trial.

Mally Prime, Prep & Glow 7 Piece Color Collection

The Mally Prime, Prep & Glow collection includes the:

  • Glowing Goddess Luminizer 
  • More is More Mascara in Black
  • Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra in Champagne
  • Evercolor Gel Waterproof Liner in Amber
  • H3 Gel Lipstick in Angelic
  • Perfect Prep Poreless Primer
  • Makeup Bag &
  • Brush.
Mally Prime, Prep & Glow 7 Piece Color Collection

Glowing Goddess Luminizer
This is definitely the hero piece in the collection for me. It is heaven on earth!

The Glowing Goddess Luminizer consists of luminous shimmer married with matte particles which results in the most beautiful luminized, healthy looking skin ever!

I've been using this luminizer not only above my cheekbones but also on the bridge of my nose, the middle of my forehead and chin, and to trace around my cupid's bow.

You could also add a bit to the middle of your lips to make your lipstick 'pop' that little bit more.

Another use for this luminizer is to add it to your moisturiser for applying to your legs, arms and clavicle to give them a healthy subtle glow.

It is gorgeous! 

I love multi tasking products such as this!

Mally Glowing Goddess Luminizer

The luminizer comes with its own beautifully soft synthetic full sized brush. It is easy to use and glides smoothly over the skin depositing the luminizer without ruining your foundation. 

More is More Mascara
This mascara is easy to apply. You get the best results by starting at your roots, then gently wiggling the brush while extending it to the lash tips to create instant volume. Next, turn the brush vertically to use the ingenious little bristles at the tip to lift, lengthen and separate your lashes!

The result is perfect fluttery lashes every time!

Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra in Champagne
This is a gorgeous and flattering, glowing shade of eye shadow.

Use it all over your eye lid from the lash line to the crease. Blend! And don't forget to add it to the inner corners of your eyes to open up your eyes. Gorgeous!

You could also use it as a highlighter but you would have to blend it quickly before it set.

Evercolor Gel Waterproof Liner in Amber

Mally Eyecolor Shadow Stick Extra in Champagne
Mally Evercolor Gel Waterproof Liner in Amber
Mally More Is More Mascara

Trace along your lash line with this stunning liner and smudge it for a softer effect within 30 seconds. You need to be quick with the smudging as this liner also sets quickly, after which it lasts all day without budging! 

Yay for not having to reapply my makeup throughout the day!

I found this liner to be soft, creamy and comfortable to glide on.

H3 Gel Lipstick in Angelic
When is comes to my lips, especially in winter, hydration is key! This lipstick is gel based, as opposed to wax based.

It glides on effortlessly and leaves my lips feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

I love the shape of the bullet as it seemed even easier to apply than my other lipsticks.

It does need reapplying after eating and drinking, but that's fairly standard for any gel lipsticks.

The H3 stands for Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

H3 Gel Lipstick in Angelic

Perfect Prep Poreless Primer
This Perfect Prep Poreless Primer works wonders in ensuring your makeup lasts all day long.

It might be hard to see in the photo below but it comes with a convenient pump which makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount with no wastage.

I found this lightweight primer did exactly what it claimed to do! Hallelujah! 

It minimised my fine lines, wrinkles and pores and provided a perfect smooth canvas for the rest of my makeup. 

Don't forget to continue applying this primer down your neck too.

Mally Perfect Prep Poreless Primer

Makeup Bag
I'm loving the stunning metallic rose gold makeup bag that comes with this collection, as pictured in all the above photos. 

It is generously sized, enabling me to fit in all my makeup and hair bits and pieces for the whole day and evening too. It even fits my brush!

"Beautiful, healthy glowing skin starts with the perfect prep 
and ends with just the right glow" 

You can check out more about Mally and her makeup range by tuning in to TVSN on:
  • Friday 28th April: 9.30am & 3.30pm
  • Saturday 29th April: 12.30pm & 6.30pm
  • Sunday 30th April: 9.30am & 7.30pm.
For those interested in purchasing this Mally Prime, Prep & Glow 7 Piece Color Collection from TVSN it is priced at $114 and is item number 134615. 

Which of the above products appeals to you the most?


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* This Mally Prime, Prep & Glow Collection was kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
All opinions are my own.Full disclosure policy here.


  1. The Glowing Goddess Luminizer looks so pretty and I love the design of the lipstick. What an exciting range!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. The Glowing Goddess Luminizer is absolutely amazing! So very beautiful and versatile. I can see myself using this All The Time!

  2. These all look so amazing!! That primer sounds lovely!!! I really need to look into some TVSN products

    Laura || xx

    1. I know you're probably at uni tomorrow but if you're at home on Saturday or Sunday you should check out Mally in action on TVSN. I've seen her in a couple of videos and she is amazingly talented with such an infectiously enthusiastic personality. I'll be interested to see what other Mally products she will be promoting.

  3. What fabulous products!! There all look so good but I think the Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra in Champagne is calling out to me most. I love shadow sticks!!
    Isabella |

    1. I love everything shimmery and radiant so the champagne shade, similar to the Glowing Goddess Luminzier, are both swoon worthy to me!

  4. The gold luminiser looks beautiful. I use luminiser daily and it makes a huge difference.
    Thanks for letting me know all about this brand. I am a TVSN shopper and have been for years. Way back I was even featured in one of their catalogues!!

    1. Wow! How special to be featured in the TVSN catalogue!

  5. The product sound and look amazing! The highlighting products look right up my alley xx

  6. The Glowing Goddess Luminizer sounds like something I need!

  7. I've never bought anything from a shopping network, but it's good to know we can now get Mally somehow! I remember hearing some really good things about their shadow sticks, and that solid blotting product that looked really interesting! The luminizer looks gorgeous!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I'm loving that TVSN is making well known overseas beauty brands such as Mally easily accessible to Australians.

  8. I'll have to watch TVSN more often, these products look amazing!

  9. It all looks pretty fab but I'm eyeing off that rose gold make up bag! Swoon!

    1. My rose gold obsession shows no sign of abating any time soon! The makeup bag. Is gorgeous!

  10. The luminizer is so pretty! I watched TVSN on Friday and her personality and spirit is so refreshing, I love Mally :) x

    1. I love Mally's obvious enthusiasm for makeup and for helping women look their radiant best!

  11. I don't actually wear makeup but I love the little bag it all comes in! That'd be great for my work backpack.

  12. I watched one of the Friday shows & she was lovely! The invisible powder they featured certainly looked fascinating, plus the eye shadow stick & lipstick in your photo are great colours.

  13. Oh no, I need this collection. It looks so gorgeous, I hope that this will come to Europe as well.

    Michelle Morchella

  14. What a terrific gift idea - my Mama would love this, and the lipstick is exactly her colour! Thanks Ingrid my dear xxx

  15. What a great kit! I don't think I've ever tried Mally. Hope to try for sure. xo

  16. I love the look of that lipstick. I was able to watch some of the Mally shows. She is so adorable! xx

  17. The luminizer is my favourite piece of the collection, but the lipstick feels delicious too