Monday, 19 June 2017

How To Clean AND Dry Your Makeup Brushes in Under 30 Seconds Each

I love applying my makeup with clean brushes BUT washing makeup brushes is my MOST HATED makeup chore EVER!

I especially hate waiting the 24 hours needed for my brushes to dry! 

I usually lay my freshly washed brushes on a towel in the kitchen overnight and sometimes longer waiting for them to dry. This totally annoys the crap out of my family when they want to use the same kitchen bench to make their breakfast and lunch, but I need to lay my brushes somewhere to dry!

Well thanks to the brilliant StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner I have solved all my above dilemmas! 

I no longer hate brush cleaning, in fact I actually enjoy it and my brushes dry almost INSTANTLY! 

With the StylPro it now takes me 30 seconds to clean AND dry each makeup brush!

How To Clean and Dry Makeup Brushes
In Under 30 Seconds Each

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner In Action
Please note that I used Hyperlapse to film the above video,
making it four times faster than real life.

So let's look at the steps involved in cleaning and drying your makeup brushes using the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner.

1. Select the right sized collar to securely fit your brush handle.

The StylPro is suitable for cleaning both synthetic and natural brushes of all sizes.

Selecting The Right Sized Collar For The Makeup Brush's Handle

2. Attach the brush in it's collar to the StylPro.

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner

3. Add 4ml of any liquid soap or brush cleanser into the StylPro bowl. I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo as it's gentle and effective in cleaning my brushes. It's also cheap and is what I used when I hand washed my brushes. 

Alternatively StylPro does have it's own Makeup Brush Cleaning Solution if you prefer, which is reportedly good for cleaning non water soluble makeup such as foundation off your brushes.  

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Johnson's Baby Shampoo

4. Add water to the StylPro bowl.

Add Water To The StylPro Bowl.

Make sure the water level is no higher than half the height of your makeup brush's bristles. This is to ensure the water doesn't get into the metal ferrule.

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner Water Level

5. Softly dunk the brush up and down in the liquid for 5 seconds.

6. Gently press the brush down in the bowl and turn on the StylPro. Gently life the StylPro. the brush will start to spin rapidly causing the liquid to splash up. Slowly move the brush up and down for 10 seconds keeping the brush under the water level at all times.

7. Gradually lift the spinning brush out of the liquid but keep it inside the bowl, spinning, for 10 seconds. The water, cleanser and dirt will be spun out of the bristles. Turn off the StylPro.

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner In Action.

8. Reshape the bristles with your fingers if necessary. 

The brush is now clean AND dry AND ready to use again in under 30 seconds! No wonder I'm in love with this amazing device!

Clean AND Dry Makeup Brush In Under 30 Seconds!

After using the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner for the past month I am so impressed with it! I can't imagine ever going back to manually washing and leaving my brushes to dry for 24 hours again!

How Do You Wash and Dry Your Makeup Brushes? 


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Monday, 12 June 2017

Beauty From Within - Caruso's Natural Health Products

Beauty starts within!

As beauty lovers I suspect we all have a habit of reaching for various creams and lotions whenever we have a beauty dilemma.

For example, when we develop brittle nails we reach for a nail strengthening cream, if our problem is fine facial lines we reach for skin serums and moisturisers, frizzy and weak hair we change our shampoo and conditioner, or apply a hair mask. Is this what you do? I know I do! 

What if I told you there was another solution that we could use in conjunction with the above products. A solution that could help to prevent these problems in the first place.

The solution I am suggesting is natural health products, such as Caruso's Super Collagen Builder.

Caruso's Natural Health Super Collagen Builder

Caruso's Super Collagen Builder does exactly what the name suggests! It assists in the production and maintenance of collagen. It 

  • assists with wrinkles and skin elasticity
  • helps support hair & may improve hair strength
  • improves nail strength and reduces the risk of nail splitting.

Basically it helps with beauty starting from within!

This winter Caruso's Super Collagen Builder will be my not so secret weapon to combat brittle nails, dehydrated ageing skin & hair breakage!

You may also be interested in reading the Best Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins Guide HERE.

Another Caruso's Natural Health Product I have recently started using is the Women's Super Multi.

Caruso's Natural Health Women's Super Multi

I'm using this to combat tiredness. My life is super busy, I work, I'm a mum of three, I blog, I run a household! I'm sure your lives are equally as busy if not even more so! 

So taking a potent energy releasing multi vitamin and mineral formula especially formulated to meet active women's needs just makes good sense to me.

This formula contains seven key vitamins and minerals to help boost energy levels and help with stress. It may also help support my bones, heart, blood, hair, skin, nails, immune system, cell health, memory, mood, reproductive health, liver, eyes and general well being! Oh yes please! You can see why I've started taking this! I can't wait to find out how much better I will feel after taking this for the next few months!

In addition to women's health and well being natural products Caruso's Natural Health also creates products for kids' health including the innovative Kids Blue Light Eye Protect formulated to help kids who are frequently looking at screens, and the Kids Probiotic Immune Booster, a perfect product for the current Winter season! 

Caruso's Kids Blue Light Eye Protect

Caruso's Natural Health is an Australian, family owned company supplying complementary medicines (vitamin & herbal supplements) and natural foods.

The range is available in over 3000 pharmacies and health food stores throughout Australia including Priceline.

I was lucky to meet Frank Caruso, the founder of Caruso's Natural Health, and to hear him speak about his company, his philosophy and his top tips for being successful at the recent Kids Business Bloggers Brunch event.

What a charismatic, enthusiastic and inspirational man Frank is! He is so passionate about his business and his health! And like a lot of successful people he is also generous with his wisdom and knowledge, willing to share his tips for success, what worked and also what didn't work for him.

I love Frank's philosophy in life. It is simple but so very true: 
"Make time for good health and you'll always have enough health for a good time".

It is this philosophy that underpins why the Caruso's team is so passionate about developing products and lifestyle programs to help Australians live healthier lives! 

So next time you have a beauty dilemma, don't only consider the external topical creams and lotions but remember beauty begins within and consider complementing your usual products with Caruso's Natural Health natural remedies too!

Caruso's Natural Health

Do you use natural products and vitamin & mineral supplements?


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Monday, 5 June 2017

FRANKiE4 Silver ELLiEs - 4 Outfits, 4 Locations

I absolutely LOVE my silver FRANKiE4 Footwear ELLiE shoes.

Not only do these shoes look amazing but they are also THE most supportive and comfortable casual shoe I own!

Designed by a podiatrist/physiotherapist, with functional footbed with heel support, arch support and forefoot cushioning, and with a custom fit system of interchangeable footbed cushions that you can add or remove within the shoe depending on whether you have a narrow, regular or wide foot it's no wonder these FRANKiE4 Footwear ELLiE shoes are so comfortable and supportive!

In fact I recently realised just how much I loved them when I looked back through my photos for the past week and realised I had worn them over 4 times, with 4 different outfits in 4 different locations in the one week! 

Wearing my FRANKiE4 Silver ELLiE Shoes at Mona Vale Beach

Close up of my FRANKiE4 Silver ELLiE Shoes 
at Mona Vale Beach Rock Platform

Wearing my FRANKiE4 Silver ELLiEs on my way to Soccer

Close up of my FRANKiE4 ELLiE Shoes on the Soccer Sidelines

Wearing my FRANKiE4 Silver ELLiEs at a local Blogger meet up
at the Flower Power Cafe.

Close up of my Silver FRANKiE4 ELLiEs at Flower Power

Finally, what else would I wear but my
FRANKiE4 Silver ELLiEs to Vivid Sydney!

For those interested the FRANKiE4 ELLiEs also come in navy, black, beige and red.

What is your current favourite pair of shoes?

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