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Genie Exfoliate 3

Genie Beauty

Genie Beauty is a brand that specialises in instant skincare with instant benefit driven products. It uses advanced technology, techniques and ingredients that end with the long-term benefits of repairing and transforming your skin. No more waiting months, weeks or even days to see results - just minutes! 

Genie Beauty is instant skincare, instant benefits!

Thus I was super excited to receive the brand new Genie Exfoliate 3 to trial and review for you.

Genie Exfoliate 3

Genie Exfoliate 3 

Genie Exfoliate 3 is a triple action microdermabrasion exfoliant face scrub.

This extraordinary product works in 3 ways, in under 3 minutes, using 3 key ingredients!

This triple action formulation offers mechanical and enzymatic exfoliation with peptide reparative action! How good it that for just one product!

1. Double Exfoliating Action

Japanese Pearl Powder gives you gentle luxurious exfoliation with gentle buffing.

Broemalin (pineapple) extract works with enzymatic exfoliation to lift away dead skin cells.

It also minimises the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation, revealing a clearer, more luminous flawless complexion.

Using Exfoliate 3 also has the huge benefit of boosting the absorption and performance of your daily skincare products.

Genie Exfoliate 3

In case you were wondering, the chocolate isn't completely random -
they're pineapple lumps in celebration of the Broemalin (pineapple) extract

2. Anti-Ageing

Peptide Complex provides the reparative action helping to boost collagen production.

Antioxidant rich vitamins A, C & E improve the appearance of skin affected by environmental damage.

The result is greater skin clarity, younger looking skin and the diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Unique Dual Phase Thermo Formulation

Once activated with water the warming sensation of this product allows maximum penetration of all the skin loving anti-ageing ingredients.

The product has a cooling effect as it is washed off resulting in an invigorated, smoother more radiant complexion.

Genie Exfoliate 3

My Experience

I've been using this product twice a week in the shower in the evenings. I love how quick and easy it is to use.

In addition to the mechanical exfoliation I love the heating and tightening sensation as I feel the enzymatic exfoliation working on my skin. 

My skin always feels super soft and smooth, and looks more radiant, fresh and glowing after using the Genie Exfoliate 3.

Whether the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles have diminished or not is hard to say at this stage.

I always follow up with my serum and night cream happy in the knowledge that my skin will soak up these products more effectively after using Genie Exfoliate 3.

I'm really happy with the performance of this product and will continue using it as part of my evening skincare routine twice a week. 

I'm also happy that the Genie Exfoliate 3 is free of parabens, preservatives & aluminium, is mircobead free and is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and fragrance free.

A little of this product goes a long way. I only use a pea sized amount each time so at this rate my tube of Exfoliate 3 will last me a very very long time and is excellent value for money!

Genie products, including the Exfoliate 3, are available to buy exclusively from TVSN.

I have previously reviewed the Genie Line Smoothing Concealer in my blog post 10 Concealer Tips, Tricks and Hacks!


Do you regularly use an exfoliant face scrub? 


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*The above Genie Exfoliate 3 was kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
All opinions are my own. Full disclosure policy here.


  1. I absolutely love trying out new exfoliators, and this one sounds great!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. I love using exfoliators too! It's such a good way to achieve a smooth, fresh & glowing complexion!

  2. The thermo formulation sounds so cool! I don’t think I’ve ever used a product like that before.
    Isabella |

  3. This sounds lovely! Definitely something I'll be checking out!
    Ebony x

  4. Ive been struggling to find a good exfoliator. Will give this whirl.