Monday, 17 July 2017

Recent Empties

It's empties post time again! 

I've recently finished a whole load of holy grail products *insert very very VERY sad emoji face here*, a heap of Lush products and a lot of other beauty products too!

Recent Empties

So it's time to collate them all into a blog post for you to have a sticky beak into which products I've finished and absolutely loved, and which products I've finished despite not liking them that much!

I must confess here before you read on that most times if I don't like a product I just won't finish it as I have loads of products I love waiting to be used. I don't really want to finish products I don't like or that don't work for me! Who has the time for that?


Holy Grail Empties

bhave Rescue Intense Repair Shampoo* / bhave Rescue Intense Repair Conditioner* / bhave Deep Intense Conditioning Masque*/
Regular readers of Fabulous and Fun Life will know by now that bhave is my absolute holy grail of hair care products!

I was so sad to finish these products. I even cut open the bottles to make sure I used up every last drop of product before I threw the containers away.

Luckily I already have a bhave Travel Pack of the Rescue Shampoo, Conditioner, Conditioning Masque and more* at home that I am now using although this won't last long!

Because I continue to subject my hair to numerous damaging styling heat stressors such as hair dryers, straighteners and curlers I will continue repurchasing these bhave Rescue Intense Repair products as nothing else I've ever tried has resulted in my hair looking nearly as healthy and frizz free as these products do! I absolutely love them! If your hair is in need of some repair and TLC I highly recommend these products!

KMS California Free Shape Hot Flex Spray*
I have bought numerous bottles of this spray. It protects my hair from heat damage when I am straightening or curling it. I wouldn't style my hair without it! (Note: the packaging of this spray along with all other KMS products has now been updated if you are planing on buying the same one. The link shows the new packaging. I've been using this spray for so long I think this is the third different packaging of this spray I have used - lol!)

Save Our Skin By Innoxa NoTox Eye Patches*
These eye patches seem almost magical! They show visible improvement after just one use! Yes you did read that right!

With their active ingredient of hyaluronic acid and line defying peptides these eye patches smooth away the wrinkles around my eye without the need for any injections which is just as well as I hate needles!

These eye patches aren't cheap at $99 for a box of 4 pairs but they work so effectively! I only use them occasionally, usually the night before any important event I may have the following day. I have already repurchased another box of these!

NARS Orgasm Blush
I was so sad to finish off my NARS Orgasm blush. It has been my holy grail of blushes for the last three years at least. It is such a flattering shimmering peach shade that suits every complexion! I have already replaced it with the Nars Laguna Orgasm Duo.


Lush Empties

I absolutely love this wibbly wobbly shower jelly! It could have easily gone in the above holy grail category. I use it first thing in the morning when I wake up at the ungodly hour of 5.30am. The citrus-y lemon and lime scent together with the rosemary is so refreshing and wakes me up ready to face the world, or at least to face work, that day! I have already repurchased another Whoosh Shower Jelly.

Cupcake Face Mask
I first made and sampled a tub of the Cupcake face mask at the Bloggers United Au 2nd birthday celebration at the Lush QVB Sydney store and have repurchased it again since then. It's especially perfect for my daughter's teenage skin with the cocoa powder drawing out the dirt and impurities from her skin, the mint stimulating and toning her skin and the linseed and cocoa butter softening and moisturising it. I will repurchase this again in the future but not straight away as I want to try a few different Lush face masks first.

Click HERE to check out my post on how to make Lush Cupcake Face Mask and also how I won a $100 Lush gift card. 

Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream
This was part of a gift that I received from another beauty blogger. It has a very distinctive earthy scent of patchouli and hot spices. I had loads of fun turning as green as Shrek and Princess Fiona whilst showering myself with this product. I think it was part of Lush's Christmas collection as I don't see it on their website right now. I'd be happy to buy this next Christmas for more green frothy fun.

Ultrabland Cleanser
Although I finished this, it was only a little sample pot and I didn't really enjoy it that much. It was, like it's name says, ultra bland! I won't be buying the full sized version of this product.

Vanishing Cream
This is another mini sample pot that I recently finished but didn't love. This moisturiser smelt divine but didn't really do wonders for my skin. I won't be purchasing this.

Celestial Facial Moisturiser
This facial moisturiser was another sample sized product I finished recently. Although it was pleasant and effective it didn't really wow me enough for me to purchase a full sized tub of it.

Sexy Peel Soap
Now here's a Lush product I would repurchase! I'm really enjoying citrus-y scents in the shower currently and I enjoyed this slab of orange, lemon and lime peel marmalade soap a lot. It's a refreshing and rejuvenating soap.


Other Recent Empties

wotnot Facial Wipes For Normal/Sensitive Skin
This was a sample packet of these wipes that I received n the March Good Green Box. You can read a review of this Good Green Box HERE.

These wipes are 100% natural and contain Australian certified organic aloe vera, rosehip and sweet almond oils. I will be purchasing a full sized pack of these wipes as they are beautifully gently yet totally effective!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium
This is the powder I wear every day to work. It's a slow baked mineral powder in a soft creamy beige colour and gives my skin a wonderfully natural looking finish. It minimises shine on my face, evens out my skin tone and sets my foundation. I've already repurchased it.

I'm saving this empty MAC container because when you return 6 empty MAC containers you get rewarded with a free MAC lippie of your choice. Yes please!

Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant*
I originally received one of these deodorants in my goodie bag at a Bloggers United Au event. It's the only deodorant to contain Dove's 1/4 moisturising cream with vitamins E and F. I like that it's good for my skin as well as effective as a deodorant. I have been repurchasing it for a while now.

SunSense Anti-Ageing Face Matte SPF50+
Due to my history of malignant melanoma I'm extremely diligent in wearing sunscreen all year round. On weekends in recent weeks when I've been makeup free this has my sunscreen of choice. I'd be happy to repurchase this but I have a couple of other sunscreens to finish first.  

Nudie Glow Korean Face Mask Gorgeous Five Subscription Box
I finished off five Korean Beauty Face Masks from the Nudie Glow Gorgeous Five Subscription Box. Click HERE to read my review of these masks. 

I love trying new fragrances and two fragrance samples I have recently finished are Estee Lauder's Modern Muse Le Rouge and Lanvin Paris ME L'eau. I especially loved the Lanvin Paris ME L'Eau. It's a lovely fresh floral with notes of mandarin & magnolia.

Don't forget to check out my beauty & fashion discounts & specials page which I update weekly. 

What beauty products have you finished lately? 


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  1. I kept running out of day face cream, but have recently started using a face oil instead and loving it!

    1. Face oils are perfect to use in Winter! I love them too!

  2. I think I need to try out that bhave hair care stuff, I recently ran out of shampoo and bought one from the new hairdresser I went to, it's a special one for people with lightened hair and it's full one, I'm pretty sure that even though it will stop my highlights from going yellow it can't be doing much good for my hair. Plus, it dyes my hands purple, something I've never had happen with a blonde shampoo before, so something that will be a bit more gentle on my hair is definitely on the cards!

    1. bhave do have blonde shampoo too but I can't comment on it as I haven't tried that one yet! The bhave Rescue shampoo is my holy grail shampoo.

  3. Thank you for you review of the Save Our Skin By Innoxa NoTox Eye Patches! I have a packet of these and have been so hesitant about trying them, now I can't wait to try them!

    1. They're brilliant Rachel! The best eye product I've tried to date!

  4. So many amazing empties! I have been using the LUSH shower jelly and it definitely makes shower time fun and interesting haha

    1. I love the scent of it! I really find it refreshing first thing in the morning when I'm barely awake!

  5. Every time I see you rave about bhave I make a mental note that I must try for myself... And then I forget! I just finished an Argan oil from Aldi that I loved so much but they don't seem to sell it anymore. I got a similar product from Priceline in their hair sale - it's great for taming the frizz :)

    1. I must admit I do rave about bhave quite a lot but I totally love their products

      Is the Aldi Argan oil one of the products they only bring in once a year or did it used to be a regular product?

  6. I've not heard of Bhave products. My hair is pretty scary at the moment though so I'm not sure there's much that can save it.

    I'm yet to really settle into using certain products for skin care. I use nutrimetics moisturiser cos my mum buys it for me from her neighbour. And I use whatever cleanser is on sale and a couple of old lipsticks I have from decades ago when I wore lipstick regularly! In previous lives though I loved Dermalogica, Aveda, Estee Lauder and Clarins. #teamlovinlife

  7. Who thinks up some of these names for these products? Orgasm Blush and Sexy Peel Soap!! They sound like products from a Sex Shop! I also love my Bhave hair products. They do keep my unruly hair under control. #TeamLovinLife

    1. Hehe! It took me a while to get used to the NARS Orgasm name, I always feel the need to put NARS in front of it! Lol!

  8. So many products that I've never tried but must look at more closely! My best friends at the moment are 1) Bio Oil - really helping to reduce the scarring from recent surgery and 2) L'Oreal CC Cream (colour correcting) - Nude Magique working a treat on the skin on my face! :-) #TeamLovinLife

    1. I need to try the L'Oreal CC cream! It sounds good!

  9. I wish I had some Lush empties!

    1. I wish I had more full containers of Lush products rather than all these empties - Lol!