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Beauty Related Kris Kringle Gift Ideas (Puns Included)

Every December I participate in at least one or more Kris Kringle gift swaps.

I love Kris Kringles but I know that a lot of other people find them stressful and don't know what to buy. 

So to help reduce your stress levels and save you time I've compiled a list of my top Kris Kringle presents to give this year. 

In keeping with the lighthearted spirit of most Kris Kringles I have also included a relevant Christmas pun with each gift suggestion. Some are punnier than others!

I have kept the price of my suggestions under $20 and preferable under $10 per gift as this seems to be the going price range for the Kris Kringles I participate in.

See what you think of my suggestions and remember these Kris Kringle suggestions are also perfect stocking stuffers and great gifts for teachers, babysitters, music tutors, neighbours and friends!

Merry Kiss-mas!

Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Smoothing Lip Polish
Merry Kiss-mas!

Gift your friends and colleagues soft and supple lips that are ready for under-the-mistletoe kisses with this Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Smoothing Lip Polish and they'll definitely be grateful to you!

This lip polish is fortified with rich Argan oil and the Nutrimetics famous apricot kernel oil plus finely grounded sugar crystals to gently exfoliate.

Lips are left smooth, plump and moisturised! I love this product! My lips have never felt better!

Now where is that mistle-toe?!

Click HERE to buy the Nutri-Rich Smoothing Lip Polish. RRP: $30 but currently on sale for $19.90.

The Merry Kiss-mas pun would also work with Kris Kringle gifts of lipstick.

You're The Balm!

Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment
You're The Balm!

Another perfect Kris Kringle gift for the Kiss-mas season is Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment.

This product nourishes and protects the lips for instant relief from chapping and dryness leaving the lips soft and moist. Once again it's a product that I think everyone would love!

It also contains built in SPF which is perfect for summer.

It's available in apricot or rose shades that add a lovely subtle hint of colour to the lips. 

Perfect for wearing on holidays and at the beach!

Click HERE to buy the Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment which is normally priced at $35 but is currently $9!

Merry Christmas To A Scent-sational Friend

Nutrimetics Fragrance Discovery Collection
Merry Christmas To A Scent-sational Friend

A divinely scented rollerball fragrance is one of my favourite Kris Kringle gifts to give female colleagues and friends. 

I absolutely love fragrances and rollerballs are so convenient to carry around in your handbag for touch-ups while out and about over the holiday party season!

This year my girlfriends will each be receiving a Nutrimetics rollerball fragrance as a table setting favour when they come over for our annual Christmas lunch get together.

Nutrimetics have a fabulous Fragrance Discovery Collection of three elegant fragrances with an overall RRP of $50 but this set is currently on sale for $24.90. That makes each individual rollerball fragrance only $8.30! 

Click HERE to buy the Nutrimetics Fragrance Discovery Collection. 

Wishing You A Christmas Full Of Joy, Peace & Hope Soap!

Nutrimetics Scented Soap
Wish You A Christmas Full Of Joy, Peace & Hope Soap!

Everyone loves a divinely scented soap! 

It adds that little extra touch of luxury to any bathroom.

Scented soaps are another perfect Kris Kringle gift.

The most gorgeously packaged scented soaps I've seen this Christmas are these Nutrimetics ones.

Thanks to their added cocoa seed butter & sweet almond oil they are also perfectly  pampering and nourishing to your skin.

Freesia & Gardenia, Violet & Pink Orchid and Magnolia & Lily - the hardest part is deciding which one to gift!

Click HERE to buy a Nutrimetics Scented Soap, currently on sale for $7.90 each.

Wishing You A Divinely Scented Christmas!

Nutrimetics Scented Hand Cremes
Wishing You A Divinely Scented Christmas!

Another gorgeously packaged and perfect Kris Kringle gift is a Nutrimetics Scented Hand Cremes. 

What woman wouldn't love these divinely scented hand cremes?

They look so pretty it would almost be a pity to gift wrap them! Just add a mini Santa hat and a Kris Kringle card and voila!

Once again it will be a difficult decision deciding between the Freesia & Gardenia, Violet & Pink Orchid and Magnolia & Lily versions as to which hand creme to gift in the Kris Kringle!
Depending on your budget you could buy one or all three or you could buy the matching hand creme and soap!

Click HERE to buy a Nutrimetics Scented Hand Creme, currently on sale for $7.90 each or click HERE  to buy a matching soap and hand creme duo for $12.90.

 Light Up Your Christmas! Relax, Don't Burn Yourself Out!

Nutrimetics Pear & Coconut Candle
Lighting Up Your Christmas! Relax, Don't Burn Yourself Out!

OMG! I am totally in love with this delightful summer scented Nutrimetics Pear & Coconut candle! 

It is so divinely scented! One whiff of its gorgeous aroma instantly relaxes me and transports me away to the tropical summer holiday of my dreams!

The glass jar housing the candle is so stylish and luxurious. 

This candle is definitely a Kris Kringle winner that will bring a relaxing smile to anyone's face! 

Nutrimetics currently has a promotion with this candle. Although it has a RRP of $40 if you spend $125 or more on Nutrimetics products you can purchase this candle for $19.90.

Click HERE to buy this candle.

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I hope the above has made your Kris Kringle shopping less stressful and given you some Kris Kringle Christmas pun inspiration!

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Click HERE to purchase this Edible Blooms Poinsettia Posy for $39 (Postage Free)

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Which of the above Kris Kringle gifts appeals to you the most?


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  1. Needed this as have so many KK'd to get and I am always stuck for ideas. Woohoo.. my list is done.

  2. I love the puns! I would be happy with any of those gifts although you can never have too much lip balm or hand cream :)

    1. Thanks Sammie! One always needs a good pun for a Kris Kringle gift!

  3. Love the gift tags attached to each gift. Very clever.

  4. All fantastic well priced ideas, I always struggle with Kris Kringle type gifts.

    1. Thanks Nicole. I find female Kris Kringle gifts easy to give but I must admit I struggle with male Kris Kringle gifts!

  5. Those rollerballs sound fabulous and I think that pear candle would smell divine!

    1. The candle does smell absolutely divine! One day someone will invent a way to share scents over the internet! I hope it's soon as I'd love to add the fragrance of this candle to this post!

  6. I love these cute Kris Kringle suggestions! The rollerballs and the Lip Treatments are my faves!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  7. Replies
    1. My pleasure Nancy! I enjoyed writing this post and making the Kris Kringle cards.

  8. You're like me, love picking up a Kris Kringle gift on sale! Got to make the most of the budget. The lip balm would be a perfect gift. #teamIBOT

    1. I do love sales especially when I have so many Christmas gifts to buy!

  9. I love the candles, and the hand cream, and the lip polish, and the lip balm...oh just give me the whole lot! #Teamlovinlife

    1. Me too!! I always suggest items I love myself!

  10. Ha ha! These gift ideas are fabulous and I love the puns! Now I know what I can buy for a pressie for a certain get together. #TeamLovinLife

    1. I'm glad I've inspired your pressie giving!

  11. I love these types of gifts and actually we are on the same page this week as I wrote something similar. I might try to keep some of mine though which might be a bit naughty.

  12. Some fabulous ideas here Ingrid and very helpful. Thank you! #TeamLovinLife

  13. Oh some great ideas here and I do need to buy a secret santa gift for a Christmas thing I'm going to....


  14. Pear and coconut? I can't imagine how that will smell but I like the sound of it. I love candles.

  15. Great suggestions and I love your puns too!

  16. This was really clever, Ingrid! Where were you for our BH Secret Santa?!?!?!

  17. You are so clever Ingrid! I giggled at You're the Balm! x

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